How did we get here?

Would you call a cake without icing a cake? My friends and I are having a dispute. Some of them think a cake is only a cake when it has icing but others are saying a cake is a cake no matter what. Help us settle this dispute it is tearing our friend group apart

Well, I would imagine that cake is cake regardless of icing or “topping”. In fact, there’s a saying society uses very often: “Icing on the cake”. It’s cake before the icing. There are also other kinds of cake that don’t have icing like fruit cake. Ice cream cake would be ice cream cake without the frosting. I like ice cream cake.

Um, but let me offer something else. I’m hoping you are exaggerating because if this “dispute” is tearing you guys apart…I mean, come on. Come on. Come. On.

Anybody got any cake?