Dante’s Opinion: Is This Assult or Just Bad Manners?

So disappointed. Here’s the story:

Is this a case of assault or just bad manners? Say, at school, a 14 year old girl is scribbling on her desk out of boredom. The male teacher, who is in his 40s/ 50s, is teaching the class. He notices what the girl is doing and raises his voice, directing the whole class’ attention to the girl. He then commands the girl to stand up and write something on the whiteboard as punishment.

He then walks up to the girl, which stops and surprises/ shocks her, tells her off in a nasty and inappropriate way. He raises his fist – which is holding two markers – for a few seconds in the air. The girl thinks he is going to hit her in the face so she flinches. The teacher doesn’t hit her, but instead slams the markers on her desk with a heavy CRASH, so loud it gives her a throbbing headache, blows out her ear drums, makes her heart drop to her stomache, and perspires.

Even though the student is a girl, she is certainly being roughly mistreated. The teacher has a history of having a bad temper, and has been rude to other students which resulted in him geing kicked out of school once. He returned to promise “good behaviour” before this incident.

Is raising objects at someone assault? Also is slamming on desks deliberately making loyd noises threathening and intimidating behaviour?

I don’t know where to start, but here we go.

Your initial question was if this was assault or just bad manners. It’s neither. Lord.

The girl should have been focused on the lesson, so that’s a shame. Also, his method of punishment, while a little on the extreme side, was neither. When he went to slam the markers on the desk…okay, you’re losing me, here. Two markers slammed onto a desk causing blown eardrums and a throbbing headache? Are we exaggerating, here?

Now, for the mistreatment statement, I’m sorry, but I don’t see it. Raising an object at someone is not assault. Slamming on the desk can be viewed as threatening or intimidating. In this scenario, I can’t say there was mistreatment. I can’t even say he was a bully.

Would I do what he did? Nah. Do I understand what he did? Yup. Do I support what he did? Ah…I don’t know. Probably.

When I was a kid, I also did drawing on my desk. My second grade teacher let me know that doing that was a form of vandalism. I thought it was odd but, yeah, thinking about it, I was writing…well, defacing someone else’s property. It’s essentially the same as graffiti on the wall.

By the teacher pulling a “Simpson”, I thought that was cute. By him calling her out…eh. Slamming? Eh. Telling her off in a nasty and inappropriate way…I wish there was a few quotes of what he said so I can get an idea so I’m leaving that alone.

His actions were not justified and he was ultimately unprofessional. But, again, for your question, nah, it wasn’t assault. I want to say more, but then we’d get off topic.


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