Dante’s Opinion: Is This Appropriate Elevator Behavior?

This should be simple. What could go wrong?

I’m a guy and yesterday night I visited a relative in NYC (I lodge in New Jersey). While waiting for the elevator to return there was another guy who amicably started conversation with me.

He noticed my accent and said he has been in France, and then asked repeatedly from which city I come from and whether I’m married (I’m not expert in American culture, but I think this is a bit intrusive, although finally I just threw some random city’s name as he kept asking, and said no I’m not married, and I thought it was common in the US to be asked that question and to give answer).

In the elevator, he stood very near to me, and this was uncomfortable (the elevator was empty). I moved near the panel and he moved too, and whispered in my ear (!) whether I’d want to go to his place. And then he said very obscene things that I prefer not to divulge here.

As soon as the door was opened I just stormed out and hailed a cab. I said nothing to this guy. Now that I think of it I’m quite angry and maybe I should have confronted him or notified the concierge? I also wonder whether I should tell my relatives that probably there is a weird guy living on their floor? What unsettles me is that they live in a good neighborhood, nothing like the Bronx or whatever I’ve seen in movies.

But then again I’m not from this country (I’m staying with a cousin in New Jersey) and don’t know it this is common? I don’t ask my cousin because she’s female and this might make her uncomfortable.

Oh! Ooooooh! OH!

Aye, so first guess is this guy wanted some French vanilla. Unless he was joking around, I think he was looking for some casual sex or something. Maybe not casual. Maybe rough. I don’t know but I hope your back wasn’t to him. This isn’t funny; that’s why I’m sitting here LMAO at my comments. I just said it’s not funny. I’m sorry.

You were on the verge of being sexually assaulted, which is not appropriate behavior in the United States. I’m not going to talk about people running for office. Oh my.

I mean, you could tell people, but, technically, he didn’t do anything wrong from a legal standpoint. That’s the sad part. But hey, being labeled as a creep is not a good time. He probably doesn’t even care.

His questions about city and marriage were not all that intrusive. But, maybe he was trying to see if you were available. I guess not being married means you’re gay now. Okay then. But that’s a flawed statement on my part. Okay then.

Your comment about the Bronx and all of that…yeah not a good look, buddy. Hollywood isn’t exactly completely accurate with depictions but I chill. This is not common behavior and I really hope you don’t paint New York and MY STATE NEW JERSEY as a humptastic place for weirdos in elevators. Good Lord.


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