Dante’s Opinion: How Do You Deal With Rude Customers?

A little personal for me this time.

How do yall deal with rude customers? I just dont understand how people can get so angry and feel like its okay to yell at cashiers. I got fussed at by two different customers and in both instances the issue was not my fault and their issue had nothing to do with me but themselves. Im not a confrational person so im not really good at defending myself verbally. It was just soo bad, i just wanted to walk away from the register and cry after the second rude customer.

It sucks because “the custmer is always right” and i cant say anything back to them. Then on top of that you have other customers looking at you getting fussed at. Its so embarrassing. After the second guy was rude to me, a customer came up to me and said that im doing a great job and to ignore that *** hole lol. But how do yall deal with situations like those? Does it ever get to you? I guess i just need to work on having thicker skin so that stuff doesnt bother me….ive never had customers be mad at me like that before.

Been there. Working in retail can be painful at times. You know how many times I get yelled at for asking for photo ID to sell tobacco? It’s company policy to require that for EVERYBODY. Struggles with coupons. Misreading of promotional signs.

Some people are just mean in general. You can’t take it personally or you’ll die. I haven’t had a problem in my years and I make sure I support fellow retail workers.

You have to stay strong during the heated moment. You don’t have to defend yourself; in fact, I would advise not to. Talking back in any form will only escalate the problem. Perhaps bring in a manager. I usually am able to handle it on my own because they are all smoke and no flame when they get upset at me and I know it.

And, like that comforting customer, I usually get a boost of confidence from understanding people. People get it. Just keep your cool; stay professional, and pray for the meanies. We don’t know what they are going through.

I personally enjoy working in retail.


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