Dante’s Opinion: Should I Complain About Receiving An Inaccurate Greeting?

I have seen some heavy stuff in my day but this is the winner. This takes home the gold.

I went to the store at 9:00 am, and clerk said to me “good afternoon” instead of “good morning” Should I complain to her manager?

I’m trying with all of my heart to believe this is real. I’ve been doing this series and I guess the trolls finally got in. Receiving an inaccurate greeting like this is just…it’s not a big deal.

It happens. Not to me; but it happens. I’ve been greeted with the wrong “time of day” before. 9 am seems a little off to mistake for at least noon, but whatever.

Was the cashier being sarcastic? I love sarcasm but it makes no sense here for use. Maybe is was a terrible joke.

Was there an attitude problem with the delivery of the greeting?

Do you have nothing better to do than to cry about this? I could give you 100 things that bother me more than this. What’s going on, here?

No, you shouldn’t complain to her manager. What is the manager supposed to do anyway? Write her up? Fire her? Go take some sort of special training seminar? I mean, give me a break.

But, like I said, this question isn’t real. I presented this to give you a good laugh. I mean…this can’t be real, right? People can’t exist just for this, right?


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