Dante’s Best: October 2016

A monthly feature where I take the best posts from the month and share them with you. The best is determined by mostly my preference but also views and likes.

We’re looking at the featured posts. If I have any other types of posts, I will pick the best of those. So, it’s like this:

  • Best Dante’s Opinion for the month
  • Best Dante Positive for the month
  • Best Dante Funny for the month
  • Best non featured post for the month

Dante’s Opinion

The winner for the month of October goes to this:

Why do people ask questions like “what’s up” or “how is your day” when they really don’t care at all? It’s the same dialogue with the same answer. I don’t get why this is used. It literally has no meaning. When I’m asked “what’s up” or “how’s it going” all I do is repeat what they say or say “nice”. And it is very annoying. I know it’s considered good etiquette, but how? There is no reason for it. If you really want me to tell you how my day is, let me think about it, tell you, and give details. If you don’t care about my day, then I see no point in asking the question.

And, I basically ranted a response in agreement with this original question. A very close second was about when to have homemade chocolate cake. But yeah man, that stupid question people ask without expecting an answer to is too much for me.

Dante Positive

Remember that boy who grew his hair out just so he could donate it to cancer victims who lost their hair? I do. And that’s the best Dante Positive post in October.

Dante Funny

It’s really a shame but I didn’t post much humor in October by my standards. However, a winner must be chosen. The best Dante Funny had to have been the Bats, Rats, and Cats jokes post. Plus, have you seen the featured image for it?


The best non featured post for October had to be my reflecting on whether I should be a minister or not. Trying to figure out if the call is real. Trying to figure out how to get to where I need to be. It’s really fascinating.

So, those were the best of October. Dante’s Best.


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