My girlfriend says she’ll break up with me if I vote for Trump. What would you do?

Vote for Trump. That’s what I would do. I mean, she can’t force you to vote for something. She can’t threaten for your vote. She will vote for who she wants because of her reasons. We have a situation where we have a responsibility to vote in the most unfiltered way possible.

Honestly, if that’s what breaks you up, I’d say good for you.

I get what she may be feeling like. To vote for Trump obviously means you stand by his ideals. If she’s turned off by those, and you stand by them, then yeah, she may not be interested in sticking with you.

It’s private. You don’t even have to tell her who you’re voting for. Did she tell you who she’s voting for? You don’t have to say anything, at all.

If it were me, I would vote for who I want and F the rest. It’s probably for the best if the relationship ends.