Dante’s Opinion: Why Do Movies Portray Criminals As Good People?

Deep question today.

Why do movies portray criminals as good people? In every movie that they have a bank robbery, they make you sympathize with the bank robbers and WANT them to get away with the crime… Like the movie Set it Off, or other bank robbery movies.. They want you to to sympathize with the person commiting the crime… Just like the movie Suicide Squad.. They want you to root for the bad guy… Even in movies about serial killers, they try to make them look innocent and it was society that made them that way like in the movie “Monster”, they made Aileen Wuoronos seem like she only killed because she got raped and almost killed by a John, so that’s why she started killing… It’s like they want you to empathize and sympathize with the criminal… In real life aren’t we supposed to do anything we can to keep criminals behind bars? Why glamorize them on the movies?

Let’s go ahead and break this down.

Those bank robbery movies usually paint the character as a good person because they are. Good people can do bad things, but they are not bad people…generally. It’s like how God loves the sinner; but hates the sin. In this case, most of the time, you see these characters are on their last leg and are desperate. Tying in that emotional component does allow the viewer to relate because, deep down, if we were really desperate or in that character’s position, we’d at least consider doing what they do.

Suicide Squad (which was a meh movie) did a decent job of allowing you to sort of relate to the characters…these bad guys. But, without spoiling, they weren’t really…they had different circumstances so that movie isn’t a very good argument for your case. It’s sort of there; but not quite just because of their role in the movie in the end.

Monster (I haven’t seen it), they painted a woman seeking justice (according to what you’re saying because, again, I haven’t seen the movie). Like my first point, we have a good person doing bad things but it’s like “can’t blame her” or “I ain’t even mad”. We don’t encourage it, but we understand it.

Ultimately, these scenarios and stories happen in real life, which is why it’s not Hollywood’s fault. I will agree that we really shouldn’t be glamorizing criminal activity. However, like the end of Set It Off, if the ending is realistic to the character’s actions, I’m okay with it. If you meet justice for your crimes, I don’t really care how things play out. Judgement comes for all of us at some point.

I’ll stop here since I’m touching on something else.


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