Dante’s Opinion: My Boyfriend Hates My Brother. What Should I Do?

Sometimes, when I read questions and the stories behind them, I get irritated. Pissed. I’m about to go IN on this one, y’all. Take a mo-fo seat. I can’t even…I can’t.

My boyfriend hates my brother? I want to break up with him but he says if he does he will kill himself? Help? My brother is 12 and my boyfriend and I are 18, Coby (my brother) and I are very close, not too close obviously but pretty close. One day, about a week ago, my boyfriend Chris was over and he and Coby got into a spat, Chris didn’t hit Coby because he knows he’d get in huge trouble for it. Coby told me that Chris said that he doesn’t like when Coby hugs “his girl” and “what’s mine”,’so he asked Coby to stop hugging me. Coby stood up and said he can freely hug me if he wants because he’s my brother and Chris doesn’t control him, so Chris got in his face and said “I swear when you’re 18 I will kick your ***”,

I confronted Chris and said if he dares to say something to Coby again I will break up with him but Chris said “if you do, I will kill myself and make sure you’re to blame”, I know it wouldn’t be my fault but Chris’ parents already kind of hate me for always putting my family’s needs first?(family comes first ALWAYS, unless you’re planning to be married then your bf/gf is family too, this is how I was raised) how do I handle this? Please don’t think I am lying because I’m actually afraid his parents will blame me if their son does something and make my life a living nightmare.

Lord. I just…I need to sit down.

*sits down in front of laptop*

Lord, give me strength.

*inhales deeply; exhales slowly*



I’m gonna take this bit by bit. First of all, this little nig-um…I mean, this dude…GROWN MAN is somehow jealous of a 12 year old SIBLING of his girlfriend? I just…what? Is your self worth that low, bro? Seriously.

So, your little brother decides he wants to be a little brother and hug his big sister. Now the boyfriend’s response is a red flag: “his girl” and “what’s mine”. That’s very possessive, sweetie. He could potentially have some sort of ownership mentality on you like…you’re going to be a second class citizen in his kingdom, honey. Right there is enough for me to check myself. You don’t want that.

Alright so you tell your girlfriend’s kid brother to stop hugging her. But, and I LOVE Coby right here, he’s like “Nah, F that. THAT’S MY SISTER”. Seriously. I wish a boyfriend of my sisters said this to me. I caaaaaaan’t right now!

Keep moving. My favorite part.

So, Chris is gonna kick this dude’s behind when he turns 18. That’s just hilarious. You’re threatening a child with something at least 6 years from MAYBE happening. I’m just gonna laugh real quick.


What a tool. This guy is a clown. I’m having fun right now.

Okay, now for the next part. Man, this is really some kind of bull sh-well, never mind. Anyway, our girl confronts Chris. Wisely, she defends her brother. Like, who are you, Chris? You’re nobody. Family first, and this girl knows that. Raised right.

Alright, this is where I actually got pissed off. He threatens to kill himself if she breaks up with him. Apparently, his family is also mad she rolls with family first. The heck? I mean…the HECK!? How dare you? Oh I don’t even want to meet that kind of dude. No.

So then, we have our situation where he claims he’ll kill himself. Stop it. Give me a break. I’ll say this; whether it’s your fault or not, someone killing themselves and blaming you for it is something you don’t just bounce back from. That haunts you forever. Like, he’s a dick for making this bluff (yeah, I don’t believe him), but if he does do it, good grief that’s gonna hurt.

My suggestion is to carry out your promise: Go after my brother again, and we’re done. Honestly, you need to be done with him regardless, sweetheart. Let him go.

I had some good laughs but yeah, this is crazy. Here’s the thing, I wonder what my sisters would do if I were in Coby’s position. Would my sisters stand up for our relationship? I’ve always been scared of that scenario because, even though I’m sure I come first in their lives in that situation, I don’t want them to have to make that decision, ya know?

I’ll also add this: If a girl has a problem with one of my sisters, she’s out. Real quick. Thing is, when I examine girls, I look for my sisters personalities and character in that girl. Part of that reason is that she would likely meet my sisters’ standards for can marry their bro.

Dump him. Say bye-bye. Then, go hug your little brother.


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