I get this question often from people who don’t understand (obviously). What is the difference between the blogger and the writer?

We could dive into some heavy duty stuff; but I’m not going to do that. Instead, let’s look at one sentence I use as an answer often:

A blogger can be a writer, but not always.

See, the thing is, today, blogging is more than writing. There are different types of blogs.

Some blogs are picture blogs. You just see a series of pictures. If you follow anybody on Instagram or related sites, you’re basically following as picture blog. If you post consistently on Instagram or related sites, you are essentially picture blogging.

Then there are video blogs, or vlogs. I do this often on my YouTube channel. I post behind the scenes videos and tutorial videos of the lighting ministry I run at my church. I vlog. I blog.

And of course, I have blogged for many sports sites. I was editor of a blogsite that had the largest staff in a larger network of blogs and was part of a Sports Illustrated partnership. A blog. Not a writer. A blogger.

Bloggers can of course be writers. Your blog can be nothing but poetry you wrote. It could be short stories. It could be your take on the latest news on whatever topic.

There is nothing wrong with being a writer. Being a blogger is more than writing. Because of this, just about anybody can blog. Blogging can be a form of writing, but it’s not limited to it.

Me, I tell people I’m a blogger. I am also a writer. Poet. Author. Playwright. Technical writer. Yet, I know what I am best at. Where I am most gifted at. Not Sports Illustrated. Not the book. Now, it’s my blog.

That’s your difference between the two. Like I said, I’m not going to dive into the major details of the differences. This is just the gist.