Dante’s Opinion: Do I Tell My Sister I Slept With Her Fiancé?

The tough ones always come out at night.

Well, I ****** my sister’s fiancé a couple nights ago. I’m not sure why; he’s not even that attractive. But that’s beyond the point. My sister and I are very close. In fact, I am her bridesmaid. Since I was a teenager I’ve known I’m not the greatest person; I’m miserable and I drink and have sex with multiple guys (and girls) to forget about my problems. I only think of myself and I don’t think of other people. I’ve been told this all before.

My sister is the “perfect” one. She’s a pretty little blonde who did well in school and has a perfect life and is clearly my parents favorite. Maybe I ****** him out of spite because I am secretly jealous of her, and I wanted to take what was hers just to prove that I can. Enough self pity. I am clearly mentally unstable and going on the Internet for answers. Lol. Should I tell my sister, or just let it go? I have no clue how to tell her. It’ll ruin our relationship and she’s my only friend.

Ah. Okay so this is a deeper issue than lust, and it’s nice to see you consider that the reason.

Okay, welp, you’re gonna have to tell your sister. You’re close, right? You gotta tell her especially before (and if) the fiancé tells her. It’s better than the alternative which will be that this horrible secret will eat you up inside and ruin you.

Not to try to turn the attention away from you, but your sister deserves to know her man cheated on her. It’s painful because you’re the side piece, but your sister needs to know.

Telling her is the hardest part. There is no way to do it “easy” so you should just go in and tell her. Don’t try to excuse the action. Tell her you messed up and you’ll do whatever you can to try to get to a good place again.

What you had is over. She’s not going to look at you the same anymore and there will be scars. But, if you’re close, I think it can work out and you’ll still have a productive relationship. I suggest telling her about how you may be jealous and all of these things with t and stuff. Again, it’s not an excuse, but be honest about where you are coming from (there’s a sex joke in there; I need help).


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