Dante’s Opinion: Should I Do Wrestling or Basketball?

Ah, as I ran into this question, I thought he was asking which was better. But…

So my favorite sport is basketball. I tried out for the team this year, but unfortunately I got cut. However, the coach offered me a position as the team’s manager. Before I tried out for basketball, I signed up for wrestling as a second option in the case that I got cut from basketball, but the thing is I have never wrestling before and I don’t really like it, but it’s the only other sport available in the winter season besides basketball.

But being the basketball team’s “manager” would be hella crappy. I couldn’t make the team, so the next best thing is to sit on the sideline and record the team’s stats and order jerseys and sh*t like that. I can’t play, so watching people play while I’m the “manager” would be demoralizing. On the other hand, wrestling is not my sport. I don’t like wrestling, I’m not necessarily a strong person, and it hurts.

So I’m at a dilemma: be the basketball team manager, still stay in contact with the coach and the team, but can’t play and sit on the sidelines, or be on the wrestling team and at least be on a team but I don’t like the sport.

What do I choose?


Yeah, he’s stuck doing one of two evils. Remind you of anything? BUT ANYWAY…

My gut is basketball. Yeah, basketball is my favorite sport as well, but it’s more than that. It’s the principle of position. You get to be close to your sport. I think that’s the better move. It gives you an interesting perspective on things too.

Consider this crazy scenario: You’re sitting there keeping count of the stats and you’re watching the players. You notice things like patterns and ways to improve the team’s performance. You run this by the coaches. You present them the stats that you know about to back up your claim. “Oh you’re right” Boom. Coaching gig. (that’s why I said this is crazy)

The point is, you can still make an impact on the team and try out next year. I think the fact you’re even offered a role as Team Manager says something too. Build relationships with the team. The players and coaches. Maybe you got cut because you weren’t quite good enough, maybe a year hanging out with the team and bonding and it’s like, “he may not be quite as good, but at least he won’t disrupt chemistry”, which is a big factor.

You could possibly get some pickup games and stuff from the players. Like, you can’t play the games but you can do everything else and set yourself up for the roster next year.

Of course, if you completely suck as basketball, then what I said doesn’t matter. In that case, if you’re itching to be active, go wrestle.


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