When you have biological, adoptive, and god sisters, you sort of get the vibe you’re meant to have little sisters.

There are things that a big brother has to deal with when he has a little sister. It’s not an easy job at all; but boy it’s fun.

My sisters need to know some things about our relationship. Learn about my job description. So, when I say and do things, they know why. All of you older brothers out there will likely relate to this.

Your future husband must go through me

This ain’t even an option. If this guy wants slide into your DMs, he’s gonna have to prove he’s good enough to push me aside. I am a high ranking person in your life; but I know your husband will be number one and I will move down. I’m not going to be moved down by some bum, ya feel me? He’s going to have to out do me. So now.

I’m telling you what to do so I can protect you

Big brothers just have this…this intuition when it comes to their little sisters. We just know stuff. We just know. We know where you should go and what you should do. We know who you should date and who should get the steppin’. We know how to make you feel better and how to piss you off. We just know. With that said, we’re using our intuition to ensure your safety and we will die for you. I will die for you; it’s a shame I can only do it once.

My future wife must go through you

Just like dudes have to go through me; my girl has to pass through your filters in order to have a chance of getting a ring. Just a chance. I plan on dying a virgin, but that doesn’t mean something could happen. If it does, I want some of my favorite girls to help me.

I want you to be better than me

In life, I want you to outshine me. I want greatness for you. As I run, I want you to outrun me. And then, as one of your biggest cheerleaders, I will celebrate your achievements. I got a standing ovation for my published book. I also ran around the entire church showing off Denae’s published artwork in a corporate calendar. I had more joy telling people about her work than mine. Always will.

Denae created the brother that I am

Sometimes, the sister you first get can shape what kind of brother you can end up being. Each sister is different so the big bro has to play it differently for each girl. However, I think there is a base or default treatment for all of the sisters based off of how you dealt with the first one. That’s what happened to me. Denae is one of those soft, quiet, naïve, girls. If I had my second sister, Desiree, first, I probably would’ve been a different brother. Desiree is loud, independent, and a more aggressive fighter and I would’ve reacted differently. I would probably be less protective by nature. Probably less caring and nurturing. Probably more distant. Denae being first was key.