Dante’s Opinion: How Do I Handle My Hatred for My Girlfriend’s Cat?

This is a really dark question. Take a look at this:

I have an extreme hatred for my girlfriends cat and I feel like I can’t control it much longer. It’s hard to explain, but here goes. I absolutely ******* despise cats. I think they are the single most annoying things on earth. And my girlfriend just brought one home a few months ago. And I can’t take it anymore. I hate this thing so deeply, I feel sick about it. I look at it and. I sometimes feel like I’m losing control with it. I feel like my sight starts to fade and I’m approaching a blackout and I just want to attack it.

It’s this intense feeling of hatred and anger and I feel like I just need to make it feel some kind of extreme pain. I want it to hurt. This thing is nothing but a little ***** that walks around my house knocking **** off the tables, scratching the paint off my walls and walking under my feet. I want to burn it while it’s still alive. Every time it looks at me, I get angry. I just want it to die. I don’t even want to give it to someone… I just want to kill it. I don’t want it to have a life. I want this ******* thing to suffer. Has ANYONE ever felt this strongly about anything or anyone? I’m losing my ******* mind. Like I said, I hate it. I don’t want it. I don’t want to give it to anyone either. I just want to kill it. And this is the only animal I have ever felt this way about. Oh my god, i cant ******* handle it.


I have been close about feeling like that with someone but this is intense.

I needed some time to process what I’m going to say here. I think I got a few things.

For one, based off of what you said, there is something seriously wrong with you. I’m not attacking you; feeling this way about this animal is not normal. Blacking out into a rage at the sight of it is not a good sign.

You’ll need to consider some professional help. You’ll also need to let your girlfriend know you’re not comfortable (I guess to put it lightly) with the cat at the crib. See if you can get some help. If that’s not working for you, it’s time for the cat to go. Now, either your girlfriend leaves with the cat or not. It’s up to her. It’s only been a few months; maybe she’s not to attached to it.

Don’t kill the cat, man. Don’t do it. They have too many lives; it’ll come back and with a vengeance. Seriously, don’t kill the cat.

If she’s not willing to let go of the cat, you gotta let the relationship go. If I’m her; I might go with the cat only because the way you feel about it is simply unreasonable. For instance, I’m allergic. It would be hazardous to my health.

That brings me to my next thought: Did you have some sort of negative experience with cats that has scarred you into hating cats? Oh, is it just this one cat you hate? Either way, I wonder if something happened that’s possibly repressed or something and the cat brings it back to surface. Like I said, might be time for some professional help.

I actually don’t care about animals the way many people do. My fear right now is that this hatred will transfer to people. Then we’re in real trouble.

Get help and see if you can work something out with your girlfriend.


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