Dante’s Opinion: Is It Rude to Call Someone A Hoe?

As you might expect from this title, things are about to get real.

Yesterday, my classmates and I were discussing the topic of virginity and all of them have lost their virginity except for me. Since I am 22, most of my friends thought it was weird I haven’t lost it yet and this one girl was making fun of me for being a prude. I responded by telling her that I can at least take comfort in the fact I am not a herpes infested hoe like you. This girl I responded to does have genital herpes. Was I being rude to this girl?

Ooooooooooooooh! I hate it when people attack your virginity. I mean, your response was out of control and I guess we can say “rude”. But, if you’re like me, you were probably frustrated as this isn’t the first time you’ve been mocked for being a virgin.

Yeah, you did a low blow there. Aye, it was nice, but not appropriate. Here’s the thing though:

  • Someone with herpes didn’t necessarily get it from being a hoe. All it takes is one partner one time and you’re done.
  • There could have been an issue with non sexual contact too. Odds are, she slept with somebody, but it’s not 100% way of getting the virus.

You should probably apologize for that remark. I say probably because…oh fine. You should apologize. I personally would likely not because that’s what kind of guy I am: A big a-hole. But yeah, the right thing to do is apologize.


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