A tough question:

Is it okay for a 17 year old to date a 19/nearly 20 year old?

Okay, I am going to say yes, but this is a weird situation. Thing is, this is an adult dating a minor so, technically, this is creepy. But then, there’s barely an age gap. Like, this age gap really doesn’t exist; but there is a wall between you.

In the end, y’all can go out to movies and dinner but you’d better wait on anything physical. Wait until you are both adults. But yeah, dating doesn’t have to even go that far so there’s no issue here.

My first sister and I are roughly 3 years apart. We’re both in our 20s but would I be comfortable with her at 17 dating someone my age (20)? Eeeehhhh…not completely but, again, if they ain’t doing anything, his penis wouldn’t be in jeopardy,¬†then there’s nothing really wrong with it. I would just have to get over my feelings while also probably stalking them on dates like the ninja I am.

Have fun!