Dante’s Opinion: My Friends Think My Mom Is Sexy; What Do I Do?

What is going on!?

I am the only girl in my AP Physics class at school. The class has a lot of homework. A group of us students like to get together in the evening and do our home work. When we started this we would rotate whose house we went to do the homework. Now the guys want to come to my house to do the home work all the time.

I thought that was probably because if we have a problem we can not solve, the guys ask my mom for help and she always has the answer or maybe because when our homework is done, mom give the guys homemade pie and ice cream, cake, or cookies.

I was curious so I ask the guys why they always wanted to do our homework at my house. What they told me just blew me away. They said it was because my mom was so nice, so beautiful, so hot and so sexy they wanted to be around her. It is true mom is VERY BEAUTIFUL but she is not hot and sexy. She has a great figure but she NEVER shows any cleavage or wears tight sweaters.

How should I feel about what these guys are thinking about my mom? Are all guys this way?

So many things. The first sentence told me what was coming. That part was easy.

Welp, the fact that the guys even told you how they felt about your mom was actually interesting. They probably don’t see it as a problem; and I would agree. It’s really not an issue to think someone is attractive. You don’t because that’s your freaking mom but, hey, your dad isn’t the only person that would want to “hit that”. Aye!

I mean, as long as they don’t act on those feelings, it’s not a problem. I guess if someone told me they thought my mom was hot and sexy, I’d need a seat to pull myself together but I honestly would not be bothered. I’d feel a little awkward about it, for sure. But, this isn’t a terrible thing.

Now, if are uncomfortable with this and want it to stop, you have some options:

  • Tell your friends to hush. Let them know you don’t like them talking about your mom like that…or at least don’t want to hear it. Friends will respect that.
  • Tell your mom to distance herself. It’s not her fault, just like it’s not the boys’ fault, but she may need to stop with the pastry treats (I’ll take them) and just a simply “hi” and then walk away. You guys can fix up a snack for yourselves, right? RIGHT!?
  • Stop working at the house. Maybe the rotation can end and y’all just meet at the library or something.

In the end, you need to tell them if you are indeed not comfortable with this. But I also think it’s not a big issue. Little awkward but nothing earth shattering. Good luck with that.

Oh yeah…how in THEE FOOK did you end up being the only girl!?


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