Dante’s Opinion: Am I Weird?

These kind of questions can be traps. I mean, I’m weird in general so actual weirdness may seem normal. Let’s see how this plays out.

My friends and family think it’s weird that I don’t like going out and partying (I’m a 18 year old girl) and I don’t enjoy drinking or smoking. I’d rather stay in and play video games and eat. Parties or rather large groups of people in general irritate me, I’m guessing because I’m more of an introvert. My idea of fun is maybe going to a aquarium or museum or just staying in and gaming (which my friends find boring) Should I take their suggestions And get out more?

Huh…you sound just like me. Like, just about exactly like me. I mean, I don’t eat and I don’t have friends but yeah, we’re basically the same.

Specifically mentioning drinking and smoking as something you should be into is disturbing. Nobody should be encouraging you to…hold on, are you even old enough to do these things? Or are you mentioning these things on your own?

Anyway, you are not weird at all. This is what you like to do. You ain’t bothering anybody. Like I said, you sound just like me; and there are plenty of people who are the same way. If anything, you’re only weird if being weird is normal. Huh.

Don’t worry about what other people say. It can’t hurt to go out more, but don’t do it because they think you are weird for not doing so. Going to an aquarium or museum is a really nice way of spending your time, too instead of partying but whatever. I mean, I didn’t have the best time visiting museums and seeing fishes float but I’m the ultimate anti social. I want to stay home forever.

Anyway, keep doing your thing. That’s you, boo. And if you wanna get together and chill, hit me up.


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