Dante’s Best: November 2016

Another month down for Dante’s Optimism and views have gone up as well since October. That’s really nice. In fact, this is the highest views since April. I am hoping to continue the climb. Thanks for the views, homies.

In case you don’t know about this monthly post, it’s a monthly feature where I take the best posts from the month and share them with you. The best is determined by mostly my preference but also views and likes.

We’re looking at the featured posts. If I have any other types of posts, I will pick the best of those. So, it’s like this:

  • Best Dante’s Opinion for the month
  • Best Dante Positive for the month
  • Best Dante Funny for the month
  • Best non featured post for the month

Dante’s Opinion:

It came down to two posts, and they were right next to each other when they were published, but I picked my epic rant on why apples are not only better than oranges, but why they are the best fruit period. Here’s a taste:

Apples are the better fruit and are the absolute best fruit of all time don’t even bother trying to tell me otherwise. I am allergic to apples to the point I get itchy and have trouble breathing and I AM STANDING ON APPLES FOREVER. Pie. Juice. Sauce. They smell good. A raw apple is so perfect. Crunchy but won’t break your teeth. Just enough flavor bursting in your mouth.

Dante Positive:

I posted some nice motivational quotes. Like this one:


Dante Funny:

You read about the grave digging contest? The contest where people dig graves just for the heck of it!

Non Featured:

I talked about who is your family. Here’s some of what I was saying:

Now, some people say “that’s just the name of someone related to you” and that this person will ALWAYS be that name.


Let’s say you are raised by your birth mother and stepdad. Your birth father couldn’t be bothered. Your stepdad stepped the f up and raised you like you were his own. This guy choose to be there for you. He assumed the responsibility of being a father.

The other guy may have donated the sperm, but your stepfather is your “dad”. He’s your daddy.

So that was Dante’s Best of November.


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