Should I Bring Back Daily Good Stuff?

It’s a question I ask myself often because the views this blog gets are in strong favor of this legendary feature. This feature basically single handily brought my blog to another level. I had a streak each week for a good year of new followers and month after month the views for the blog would climb.

This year alone, 6 of the top ten viewed posts are Daily Good Stuff. At 60%, it seems like I can’t really go wrong; especially since two other posts are humor related.

Daily Good Stuff had a combination of things. At its best, it contained the following:

  • Inspirational quote
  • Bible verse
  • Funny video
  • Funny image
  • Weird news
  • Positive news

There were other bits to it but that was the core. It won people over for the humor, however, since a spinoff series Daily Good News failed to get any draw. However, if I bring back this feature, that would once again be my core.

Before I can honestly answer if I should bring this popular feature back, I have to remember why I stopped because if I stopped before, could I stop again for the same reason(s)?

The biggest reason why I stopped doing it was because I ran into problems with my laptop at the time and eventually went on a good year without a properly functioning laptop. It slowed me down from being able to gather the items for a post every day. This laptop issue also stopped other writing projects that I had so I was very disappointed.

What’s funny is that the views kept coming and kept this blog alive even when I couldn’t post all that often. DGS saved my behind again.

Another reason why I stopped was because I wanted to split the content up into separate blogs. Y’all remember Dante’s Funny World? I know you don’t. But, that was where the funny stuff went to as this blog turned into the more inspirational stuff.

During my laptop struggles, all of my projects became too much to handle so they all started falling off. During this year, I have slowly condensed my presence. It’s manageable even if something goes wrong again. I’m down to this blog now. I’m down to just my regular Facebook page now. I am only active on Twitter for the most part while this blog still publishes on FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr (who are my biggest supporters out of the five).

So, considering why I stopped, it seems I am able to resume. I shut down Dante’s Funny World and I got a nice new laptop. I was able to keep Dante’s Opinion going on daily which is a great test for my drive.

So, why would I want to bring it back?

  • It’s the best viewed post by far in blog history. It has carried this blog for years even though the last time I consistently posted the feature was in 2014…perhaps 2013.
  • I loved posting them. Towards the end of its era, as you may have noticed, I focused on theme posts since those got even more views. Problem was, it was hard to think of themes which is actually another reason why I stopped.
  • I’m a better blogger. Back then, I was playing around with no idea of what I was doing. Now that I am better at this thing, the posts would likely be better than before.
  • It’s a way to embrace my favorite blogging style. I love mixing in the humor and positivity. This gives me a chance to do that easily.

I don’t know. My ultimate doubt is that I will be able to keep up the energy to get those posts up daily. I mean, I can do marathons and then just schedule them. Like I said, I’m better at this now. Before, I didn’t actually schedule them. I mean, I scheduled them for a time, but, each night, I would try to create the post. So, they would be scheduled to show up the next day. Now I realize how sexy that scheduling feature is. I’ve been scheduling weeks ahead with the Dante’s Opinion posts and periodically forget what published on what day. Then I’ll see a comment or like and go “oh, that finally posted?” Funny.

I will think about it. It’s not like this feature wouldn’t be welcomed back. You all have made that very clear. I just have to wonder if I can keep it up without any pills-er I mean without burning out. Part of that is what will be the featured content. If I simply post a combination of Dante’s Opinion, Dante Funny, and Dante Positive, it’s likely going to be very easy. If I want to do it (and do it right, probably) like the original versions, I’d have to do more work, obviously.

My thing is, do it right or don’t do it at all. I’m not going to half-ass this. If I do it, best believe you’re getting my best.

Welp, December’s lineup is already settled so the soonest you would see anything is January if I go through with this.


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