The Future of Dante’s Optimism

As you know, (well, I talked about it often) 2016 was a crappy year all around. Family, school, church; just crap. Actually, work is doing great so that’s something but the year is just a loss. I’m ending in the red.

As I looked back on the year I, of course, was reflecting on this blog recently and whether I should bring back Daily Good Stuff. My biggest concern was if I could produce that amount of content daily like I did before. I also struggled with what the actual content would be.

As I contemplated these things, I decided to in fact, bring back Daily Good Stuff. Here’s why:

In this world of content creation, it’s very important to have a signature style. For us bloggers, it’s very critical. What I have realized is that DGS was my thing. There’s a reason the blog exploded when they were posting and then gradually slowed once it stopped. There’s a reason why 60% of my top views this year are from those posts from years ago, with another 20% being humor based as DGS was.

And so, I feel it’s a good idea to bring it back because, in a way, it’s bringing me back.

I have made another decision. The DGS posts will be in the same format as before. At first, I thought about just a simple combination of the current theme posts (Dante’s Opinion, Dante Funny, Dante Positive). But no. I’ll talk about the future of Dante’s Opinion soon.

So yeah, we’re going to get the following for DGS:

  • Quote
  • Bible verse
  • Joke
  • Funny image
  • Funny and/or Positive news (if they can be found)

Here’s the thing; I know for a fact I can’t produce exactly all that I did in the past; and I think I started losing my mind when I added more and more features. Remember the fact of the day? The holiday of the day? What the heck was that about?

Alright, so what about Dante’s Opinion?

One of my favorite posts; as well as the original theme of this blog, is not leaving. I had to debate whether to put it back to a weekly feature like it was before or continue with the daily posting. These posts were pretty easy to put up daily before. But, DGS is back so I wonder how much I can take. BUT, with Dante’s Opinion, I usually have been able to schedule posts for days and weeks ahead and kinda just coast. Like, I’ll go hard for a few hours a week finding questions or answering the ones submitted and I can usually get four or five of them done in that time.

So, with that said, I can probably continue to do this daily because it’s not me working daily even though they would post daily. My only real concern is I run out of things to give an opinion on.

But wait, there’s more! There’s is another series I used to do that has been doing very well in views even with it being one of the shortest, sporadic, featured posts I’ve done: Tuesday Testimony.

Why did I stop? Lack of content. I would search the web but would barely find anything to post. This was a weekly post too. I still couldn’t fine content.

Here’s the thing: A blog called “Dante’s Optimism” should have some sort of…optimism. What better way to spread that than to share stories of people who have overcome? To feel optimistic or inspired, just hearing about someone else making it can be enough to keep us moving.

So, I feel like I HAVE to give this series another shot. Even though this blog is dominated by humor content, there is one particular Tuesday Testimony post that is actually NUMBER ONE in views for the entire year. So, yeah, maybe look into that a little more.

So, to recap:

  • Blog signature, Daily Good Stuff, is returning
  • Blog’s original roots, Dante’s Opinion, is still here
  • Tuesday Testimony is returning to its weekly posting (you probably know what day that is)

I don’t know when this will all happen. It’s convenient to start right in 2017, but I ain’t about that cliché life so I may end up waiting on purpose just to avoid that nonsense. The blog’s birthday is in February, so I might pick that time. In the meantime, it gives me some time to prepare.

For the record, once this laugh month is over, Dante’s Opinion will return to its usual daily posting as before. So, at that point you’d be waiting for DGS and TT.

I think…I think this is good for what my vision for the blog is. This make sense. There is another announcement I want to make but I’ll save it for later. It’s pretty big. Wink.


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