Oh just great. Another rant.

This rant is almost what a chapter in my book was. The chapter “Do Your Part”.

I want to tell you something. It’s really important. I plan on being a doctor. Oh yes! I want to be a doctor of medicine. Oh but I don’t plan on getting any form of education. I’LL JUST PRAY ABOUT IT. I’ll fill in applications everywhere.

Huh…weird…nobody wants to hire me. Strange. I guess that wasn’t God’s plan.

I guess that wasn’t God’s plan.

You’re kidding, right?

Tell me you’re joking. You’ve got to be. This is…my Lord…this is a problem.

So, what you’re telling me is that you DECIDING not to get a degree for a job that, at MINIMUM requires a degree, and the inevitable rejection for employment is the result of something not being God’s plan?

What a terrible attempt at a backhanded compliment.

It’s a “compliment” because you acknowledge that God has a plan and you “trust” Him. So cute! Here’s the kicker: It’s your fault. You’re just trying to toss the “blame” onto God.

There’s an old joke that this guy is praying to win the lottery. God responds by asking the guy to buy a ticket.

That’s a big Christian problem. It’s like…it’s like we’re LAZY.

I’m preparing for my church’s Christmas concert. We’ve hit some snags and things are in a last minute swirl of a mess. We waited to do something in a few weeks to try to do something that really needed months. Fine. Whatever.

One of my crew members said that perhaps it’s because God has a reason for letting this happen. Ah, I see. This situation couldn’t have been our fault at all. Nooo, we didn’t follow the rules; but it’s actually God’s plan for our struggles. I see.

See, it’s one thing to do everything right, run into issues, and then you can say “maybe this happened for a reason.” But dare to come with me…with that sorry excuse. We’re avoiding responsibility for our foolishness. That’s exactly what we’re doing when we say these things.

I drove into a tree while intoxicated. I guess that’s God’s plan. It couldn’t have been because I was DRIVING DRUNK.

I want to be a doctor without a degree; but I guess it’s God’s plan I didn’t get any call backs. Praise God.

Stop avoiding the mess you made, buddy. Stop it. Own up to it. If we did our job and prepared things the right way, we could have avoided a lot of messes we get ourselves into.

Don’t get me wrong: God is in control. There’s a difference. God lets a lot of things play out because in this world, there is a system built in. Some of it was altered because of sin, but there’s a system in place. So God didn’t quite plan for you to not get a job without the necessary requirements. It’s just how things work out. Funny.

I didn’t put gas in my car. It stopped working out. I guess God had a reason for that happening, huh?

Aye look, God steps in and does things from time to time. But you gotta understand there’s a difference. WE HAVE A JOB TO DO and things will fall apart for us if we’re not doing it. Then we nonchalantly say “God’s call, I guess”.

You cheat yourself out of great experiences in life when you adopt that mindset, which is why I believe that came from the devil himself. Hey, look, the devil used scripture to try to trap Jesus. He’ll use something that sounds or is in fact biblical, but it’s in the wrong context.

I want to sing in the choir for the concert. I haven’t attended the rehearsals. But, I plan on showing up the night of the concert to sing with them. They will tell me “no” while laughing. I will then proceed to say that it must have not been God’s will.

I’ll say it again.

I want to sing in the choir for the concert. I haven’t attended the rehearsals. But, I plan on showing up the night of the concert to sing with them. They will tell me “no” while laughing. I will then proceed to say that it must have not been God’s will.

Please tell me you see how silly that sounds. PLEASE SEE IT. BUT WE DO IT OVER AND OVER.

Before you decide to chuck it up to God, make sure you could have done everything you could to help your situation.

I want to go to school and I need financial aid. I waited and waited and missed the deadline. But I guess I’ll apply anyway. But, oh no! I was informed I missed the deadline and now I won’t have the money for school. God has His reasons, I guess.

I just…we have to stop doing that.

Guess what?

It works the opposite too. When things go right in our lives, we played a role in it. Good job. You followed the rules and got the reward. That’s how the system works. God steps in and provides a miracle if He sees fit, but will live in a system.

If anything, a miracle is God Himself ignoring the system to do whatever He wants. He Himself is above the system. He’s God. We have the power to rise above the system, technically. We can walk on water. Move mountains. We really could speak storms into submission. The faith must be there that we can; but since we have the Holy Spirit, we have a legit shot. People without the Spirit can’t do anything. They can’t; even if they somehow had more faith than a Christian.

Once we own up to our mistakes, we grow and learn and, hopefully, avoid making that mistake again. The enemy’s goal is to stunt your spiritual growth as much as possible. He knows you belong to God. So, he tries to trip you up because he actually thinks perhaps, among other things, God will give up on you.

Every time something happens in life, just see what you could have done better. If you honestly feel you could not have done things better, then fine. Hey, indeed it might have not meant to be. Instead though, you’re living in a world of “what if” and constant “potential”. Potential to do something but not doing it and thinking God doesn’t want you to do it. But, the kicker is God wanted you to be a doctor, but you deciding not to follow the rules messed you up. It’s on YOU.

God doesn’t intend on carrying you through life, like a baby. He wants you to grow up and do things on your own using His power. There is a difference between using God and using His power.

Let me explain that.

Imagine you’re in the backyard with pop. Dad is showing you how to chop wood for the fireplace. You’re in a place where you realize the wood can be chopped in one of two ways: You chop it with your dad’s axe, or he chops it.

The difference is you never learn how to chop wood when you simply have dad do it for you. Instead of taking the challenge on your own, and learning how to take apart wood, you’re in the lawn chair watching dad do it.

So there you go.

If you don’t chop the wood, your house will be cold. Now is not the time to say, “I guess I was meant to be cold”. Stop. You were supposed to be warm. That was the plan all along. But you didn’t chop the wood. You didn’t even try.

It’s funny; God can use anybody to fulfill His will. You don’t have to be an expert in something for God to use you; as long as you’re trying and giving your best and trusting Him, you’re perfect for Him. Even if you chopped the wood messed up and the pieces are laughable, the fact that you did your best and did what you could is enough for God.

Leaving late for your destination and arriving late is on you, buddy. If you sat on the couch not caring, then shame on you. But, if there was an accident, or you had other things to do that took up time, that’s another story.

At the end, being honest in your evaluation of yourself is key to your growth as a powerful person of God.

Take the axe, the tool that your father gave, and do great things with it. Jesus said that His followers would be able to do even greater things than He did here on earth. We have the tools; we have to use them the right way. We have to use them, period. If we don’t use the tools given, and things don’t work out, we better not say anything about God.

The tool is perfect. The tool doesn’t fail. It’s God’s power. It simply never fails. It’s fine to make mistakes while using the tool. We’re trying to do it right. We need more practice. It’s fine. God loves the effort. The sincere effort is appreciated.

But, you trying to use a pair of scissors to chop wood, and then deciding there must be a higher power at work for your failure is not a good way of thinking. So stop it.

Oh great, I’m over 1,500 words.

I think you get my point and I think I’ve calmed down a bit. So, I’ll talk to ya later.