Yeah, you read the title of the post. You know what time it is. It’s Daily Good Stuff time! The darling of this blog is making a comeback. In order to be sure I could handle this, I set up an easy posting pacing. Each day, I schedule a few of these posts. At the rate I am going, I will have posts scheduled for March in the middle of February. There is a specific number of posts I plan on making each day. It’s a magic number.

I am cutting back on Dante’s Opinion. No longer a daily fighter at this time. It is going back to its weekly roots.

Ah yes, I am still trying to get Tuesday Testimony back up. I don’t think I will have enough for a weekly run. So, likely, this featured post will show up whenever. This is a strong performer for the site so f it. It’s coming back. It’s important.

This provides me with various styles of posting. Dante’s Opinion posts are the most random though. Who knows what questions are sent to me or what I run into? But I am going to attempt to find questions that fit the mold of this blog’s theme.

So…that’s the deal, kids. You excited? I thought about a new theme for the site. But, nothing seems to make me smile. Do I need a new look? Let me know! Thanks for reading and let’s hope this doesn’t fall apart.