Daily Good Stuff is coming back next week!

Yeah, you read the title of the post. You know what time it is. It’s Daily Good Stuff time! The darling of this blog is making a comeback. In order to be sure I could handle this, I set up an easy posting pacing. Each day, I schedule a few of these posts. At the rate I am going, I will have posts scheduled for March in the middle of February. There is a specific number of posts I plan on making each day. It’s a magic number.

I am cutting back on Dante’s Opinion. No longer a daily fighter at this time. It is going back to its weekly roots.

Ah yes, I am still trying to get Tuesday Testimony back up. I don’t think I will have enough for a weekly run. So, likely, this featured post will show up whenever. This is a strong performer for the site so f it. It’s coming back. It’s important.

This provides me with various styles of posting. Dante’s Opinion posts are the most random though. Who knows what questions are sent to me or what I run into? But I am going to attempt to find questions that fit the mold of this blog’s theme.

So…that’s the deal, kids. You excited? I thought about a new theme for the site. But, nothing seems to make me smile. Do I need a new look? Let me know! Thanks for reading and let’s hope this doesn’t fall apart.


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