Why Tuesday Testimony needs to come back


You know, when I go shopping for something, I like to read the reviews for a product. I bought a new laptop over the summer last year and I spent months looking at different brands, features, prices, and all of that. This is just smart shopping.

However, I relied heavily on user reviews. I looked at what (hopefully) real people had to say about the product in real life situations and applications. It’s amazing how powerful the word of mouth is.

Companies are willing to give out their products for free or at a steep discount because they believe in their brand. But also, they are hoping you love it so much you’ll come back looking for more. But yet, even MORE than that, they want you to tell your friends.

See, you’re someone your friends would trust. Ideally. So, if you say this shampoo is the best, it will factor in on their decision process. Sure, they may not get the same shampoo, but that brand is in the discussion. That’s exactly what the company wants.

So, when we share testimonies of hog good God is, it gives people a chance to see the “brand” of God and His awesome works. His healing. Provision. Protection.

When we share what God is doing, there’s usually an unseen effect taking place in others’ hearts. People begin to accept that saying of “if God can do that for her, He can do it for me”.

Testimonies give us hope. We see someone else get out of their struggle and we hope our time will come soon.

Testimonies keep us motivated. God is still moving. He’s still doing things. He’s very active and He makes it clear to us.

In a world that seems to show off the evil that’s going on…a world that wants you to believe God is dead. That God doesn’t care. That God has forgotten you. In that world, it’s more important than ever to hear what God is doing on a DAILY BASIS.

What I missed out on was that Tuesday Testimony might be the ultimate feature that represents what this blog is trying to do. I say all of this because that’s why it needs to come back. This post needs to come back. Not just because of the views it gets. No, this blog’s mission is tied into testimonies.

How many times I have shared a post while talking about my own personal testimony is surprising to me. Sometimes, it’s not obvious. That’s what I learned. When people tell me what they read on this blog inspired them, I wonder what they are talking about. I find out a post I never would have thought would make that type of impact is what they read.

You never know who will read your testimony…hear your testimony…FEEL your testimony…and become a better person from it. It’s a very real form of “paying it forward”. God blessed you; now tell someone else so that they see God is still at work.

We must celebrate the success of others. Keep this in mind. Avoid envy. Avoid resentment that someone has found their breakthrough and you haven’t yet.

Oh yeah, and don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING keep your mouth shut about this. God has been too freaking good for you to just hide Him. That’s selfish. What good are you?

Matthew 5:14-16 talks about this. What good is a lamp if it’s hidden under a basket? You are to let this light shine so that others may see the good works and honor your Father in heaven. So yes, you tell everyone. On the mountain. Over the hills. Everywhere. You tell em Jesus is alive. Tell em God is good. Let everybody who asks know. Don’t be afraid of what people will think.

People can miss out on some great things if you keep your mouth shut. Open up. Open wide.

Testimonies quite frequently lead people to accept Jesus, especially of the salvation testimony. This guy did some of the worst things in life and Jesus accepted him. Think about Paul from the Bible. He was a Christian killer. That was his sport. His passion. And Jesus told that dude that he wanted him.


For years, I spent time getting this blog to a place where it is today with various types of posts. It might be time to make Tuesday Testimony a permanent core post of this blog.

All of this is to say that I have a new energy and drive to make sure this featured post sticks around for a long time. It might possibly be the most important post on this blog. Wow. I didn’t think this would happen.

This blog strives to bring a positive spin on the world. That’s the tagline here. This post does exactly that. Welcome back, Tuesday Testimony.


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