Truth and Honesty

What does it mean to be honest? What about being truthful?

We generally put these two things together to mean the same thing. However, they are not quite the same thing.

Honesty seems to be more personal. It depends on the person and where they are coming from.

Truth looks more absolute…like a fact. There is no debating the truth. There is no point of view that can alter the truth.

For example, let’s go into the courtroom. You swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and all of this. You answer a question about how many gunshots you heard. You say three. You heard three shots.

But then, there is recorded evidence and, clearly, there are four shots heard. Four.

Now, did you lie? No. You HONESTLY heard three shots go off. In reality…or the TRUTH was that there were four shots. And there is your difference.

I can honestly believe 1+1=3. I can honestly believe this. This does not make it true. The truth is 1+1=11 2.

You can honestly believe the truth isn’t real. That truth is a lie.

The truth is the truth. We can honestly believe in our own truth. Our own reality. If we believe in some reality that isn’t so, we end up on medication. Seriously.

As we go through life, we take sides on things. Red vs blue in the war of colors. Pro life vs pro choice. This TV show over another. We say this way or thing is better. Is that the truth? Nah, but you honestly believe that this thing is better than the other. It’s an opinion that’s not meant to be deceitful in any way.

Truth and honesty go together easily. However, they are not quite the same thing.

You know, I always wondered about things like this. Do I want you to be truthful, or honest? I realize that we don’t know all of the truth of everything. It’s quite difficult to know the truth sometimes. If you are honest with me, I will accept that. Honesty in ignorance is something I can accept.


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