Dante’s Opinion: When is it okay to hit a woman?

Hahaha, I saw this question and I just HAD to answer.

When is it ok to hit a woman? Not to offend anyone, but you know how like women are allowed to hit men when they act like pigs etc. When or is a man ever allowed to smack a woman? Like say she attacks him or something is it ok then?

Ah. Let me take a sip of this juice I have here.


I am a man. So many genders out there we should really be asking about-ah, let me stop. I am a man.

So, this is from a man’s perspective.

I’m so scared.

Alright, so let me address your example. From a legal standpoint, no one should be hitting anybody, regardless of gender. Unfortonately for us guys, getting hit (or abused) is a lose-lose situation. If strike back, we’re monsters. If we lay back and accept it (or even run away), we’re babies. You just can’t win.

Women, from some sort of double standard moral thing are “allowed” to hit men. This is true. This. Is. True. (so the first letters of those three words spell “tit”; I am very immature. I might be a child)


So, in the case of defending yourself…ah…I need another drink.


F me.

Ah…….okay…..nope….I’m just gonna rip the bandage off and to heck with possible blood squirting from the not quite healed cut.

Yup, you can beat her up. F it. Look, if I’m cornered by a woman with a gun pointed right to my face, I will do whatever the heck I need to do to survive. Screw your code. I am punching, kicking, slapping (pimp and otherwise), and Good Times theme songing out of the situation.

I really dislike double standards, honestly. I don’t understand why it’s okay for guys to say or do and women are crazy for doing and saying the same. Honestly, that’s all I am gong to say because it’s a battle I will certainly lose. I give up.


Now I want to hear from you

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