Things I collect

We all collect things, right? I mean….I guess? Well, here are some things I like grabbing just for the thrill. Now you know what to get me for my birthday. Now you know.

1. Comic books

Okay, so as a Spider-Man fan, this kind of seems natural. The only comic books I have are of Spider-Man, with Ultimate Spider-Man being my absolute favorite version of things. I’m really looking to get into all of the Ultimate comics (Fantastic Four and X-Men).

2. Mugs and cups

I collect mugs. I drink tea out of them and sometimes hot chocolate. I think a majority of them are of the Philadelphia 76ers. I also have some Spider-Man cups. I…I like Spider-Man.

3. Snow globes

I don’t actively collect these anymore, but I still have a nice group of them from the past. Some are glass; others are plastic. Most are small, a few are of decent size. I wouldn’t say anything is big.

4. Spider-Man video games

Alright, as you may have noticed, I collect Spider-Man things. Honestly, I probably could have made an entry on this list just for him. But yeah, I got games on Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Gameboy SP,¬†Nintendo DS, and my mobile device. My favorite game? You probably guessed it; Ultimate Spider-Man, which really did a good job of using the source material. I’m in a tough spot. I don’t have Playstation so I can’t get my hands on that upcoming Spider-Man game. I gotta…I gotta do something.

5. Uno games

It started years ago, but really picked up recently as well. In all, I have 7 versions of the game including Attack, Spin, Flash, Dare, and more. I play Uno with one of my sisters, who is a tad bit obsessed and that’s how I recently got back into the game. I enjoy it very much.

6. Hot Wheels

Mattel got a fan in me. I love Uno and I loved me some Hot Wheel cars. No Matchbox (someone really tried to tell me it’s the same thing, smh) or other brands. I had to be Hot Wheels, darn it! At some point, I ended up with over 100 of these cars. My goodness.

7. Spider-Man

Yup, f it. Besides what I already talk about, I also have keychains, lunch bags, shirts, Pez dispensers, action figures, and more.

8. Philadelphia 76ers

Yeah…it’s…I have trash cans, hats, gloves, posters, shirts, keychains, car magnets, NBA games, and a lot more.

So that’s it. To be honest, Sixers and Spider-Man are my top two things I always want in my hands. So my birthday is in July and then you have enough time to hook me up for Christmas. Thanks.


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