List of Dares

I dare you to……

  • Tell her she looks fat in that dress AND the shoes
  • Stay in an elevator for a couple of hours staring intensely at whoever comes in
  • Tell a sports fan “it’s just a game”
  • Wear your shirt as pants. That’s what a skirt is anyway, right?
  • Eat snow that isn’t completely white
  • Run the field at a baseball game with a bunny costume on
  • Take candy from a baby, you heartless jerk
  • Lose an intense online game and not throw the computer or console out the window
  • Look at Meagan Good and not smile
  • Run the streets at night in a superhero costume of your choice
  • When an out of control Christian says “you’re going to hell!”, you respond “I thought I was there when I was talking to you” (some of my fellow Christians really need to calm down)
  • Create a second profile on social media and argue with yourself. Like, really extend it for days. Make sure you use different writing styles
  • Stare at every boob you see. Make it obvious.
  • Step on someone’s Jordan’s. (!!!!!)
  • Invite the housekeeper to join you and your partner…in whatever., Um, be careful with this one.
  • Make a sports team regret “kiss cam” if you should appear. I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll leave it up to you. Get creative.
  • Bring your favorite stuffed animal to that interview. For moral support.
  • Fold the clothes in the department store the way YOU want to
  • Pretend to be a biblical character. Maybe of opposite gender?
  • Text a random number not in your contacts. Make a new friend! Or whatever.
  • Play catch with your iPhone and your 3 year old cousin.
  • Skype/FaceTime someone and talk whenever they try to talk and be quiet when they are quiet. This could get you killed and this probably won’t last long if you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t take BS. Good luck!
  • Do everything on this list.

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