Three reasons why social media is awesome

I’m not even a social person and I still see the benefits of this stuff. What does that tell you? Anyway, here are some reasons why I really think social media is a good thing. There is always bad things in something, but social media great overall.

1. Stay in touch with people.

Well, duh. But, that cousin across the country. You two grew up together but then she moved away and now you use social media to stay in touch. If you’re on Facebook, you can play games together among other things.

2. Meet new people

Hey, it’s a really nice way to meet people. Okay, so social media sites tell you that you should only interact with people you know. In some ways, I actually think that’s important. Like, on Facebook where, if you fill out your profile, everybody you friend can know quite a bit about you. But, for Twitter users like me, people only know your name (if you reveal it) and not much else. So, it’s easier to friend someone or not. For me, I’ve met a lot of other writers and bloggers and Sixers fans so that’s cool.

3. Get news (quicker than the TV)

I use Facebook for one main reason: Keeping up with news about my favorite things. My feed is nothing but the pages I like and their updates. Same with Twitter, which really has a growing reputation for this, but it’s easy to keep up with the latest news to the point I generally don’t have to directly go to the news sites to find news. The news comes to me. I like that with my lazy behind.


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