Ranking the days of the week

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Let’s take a look at the days of the week and how I view them currently and in my personal past.

7. Friday.

Friday is the worst day of the week because that’s when I found out what kind of scum I am.

6. Thursday

I mean…Thursdays have been kind of boring compared to the other days. This is especially true for my time as a Sixers fan. See, Thursday nights in the NBA are usually reserved for the best teams and/or best matchups (think Monday Night Football for you NFL heads). Sixers haven’t played well enough since I became a fan in 2000 so…yeah. But, even other areas of my life, this isn’t my favorite day but I also don’t dislike it. It just…is.

5. Monday

I’m not sure what it is about Monday. Corporate American hates this day since it’s the “back to work” day. But, I don’t really dislike…oh wait. Band practice was always on Monday. Oh yeah. I didn’t like band. F band.

4. Wednesday

I was born on this day so there’s a reason not to be excited. Also, I got my blood drawn by these vampires although people tell me they were nurses or something. Also, when I was a kid, Wednesday was the longest day of the week for my, mom, and sisters. Just…a long day from home. Even today, Wednesdays are busy and usually not enjoyable. One of my best relationships sparked from Wednesday so…huh. This has always been a bittersweet day which is why it’s in the middle. I mean, the middle of my list but coincidentally it’s also the middle of the week. Okay then.

So far, each day has been not so good. Do I even like a day, or am I ranking by which ones I don’t hate as much? Grief.

3. Sunday

Sunday is when I go to church. I either teach or do lighting, and I enjoy doing both. That’s been a really fun ride.

2. Saturday

The last day. The 7th day. I don’t know what it is but I really like this day. Maybe it’s because historically, I generally get to chill on this day. No school. Um, okay actually when you worm in retail Saturday is your day, but I love working retail so it was fine with me. But yeah, Saturday usually had something I looked forward to.

1. Tuesday

I really…it’s like Saturday. I don’t know exactly why I enjoy Tuesday, but I do. I really did. Boy Scouts was really fun and that was Tuesday nights. Then again, band concerts were on Tuesday nights. Currently, I use Tuesdays as my “day at church”…day. I would go to the morning staff meeting, and then spend the rest of the day working on my lighting. Wednesday also was a day to spend all day at church but Tuesday historically felt…productive. It was during a Tuesday night class that I began writing my book. It was a Tuesday that I decided I wanted to start my own blog (this blog right here). I really like Tuesdays.


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