Welp, I guess I had to do this at some point. Whenever I’m not blogging here on Dante’s Optimism, I usually am writing about the Philadelphia 76ers somewhere. I’ve been writing about them at various places since 201o. Here we go:

6. PHL Sports Fan

I didn’t write here long as the site shut down shortly after I joined. I was invited to the team and I really was excited for that opportunity. Like, a couple of months is all I had.

5. Sir Charles In Charge

This is not a Sixers exclusive/focused site, but I did write about them here so…here we are. I currently am a Contributor for them. This NBA site is pretty cool. From a Sixers content perspective, it’s not good enough to rank higher on the list.

4. The Sixer Sense

This is probably the peak of my Sixers writing. I joined as a Staff Writer (now they are called Contributors) and became the Editor (now called Expert) then f’d up and became a Staff Writer again. Like I said, this was my peak Sixers writing.

3. Sixerdelphia/Sports Talk Philly

This was another site like PHL Sports Fan. These guys talk about the Sixers, Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies. I joined because I wanted to write about the Sixers (you knew this already). The site “Sixerdelphia” was part of a network of sites. Maybe just weeks after I joined and wrote a post or two, they decided to just combine all of the sites and just stick with Sports Talk Philly. It’s really interesting how, shortly after I join a Philly sports site, there’s a change. So, yeah, I write for Sports Talk Philly in the city of Sixerdelphia.

2. Liberty Ballers

No, I wasn’t part of the staff. I wrote Fan Posts. Thing is, this is what essentially launched my sports writing career. One of my posts received Editor’s Choice award, and it was just a Fan Post. I really had to put this up there since the other stuff wouldn’t have happened without this. I also had perhaps the most fun writing here.

1. National Sixers

I wonder if anybody knows about this site. National Sixers was a blogsite created to talk about the Sixers. It was named after their first and current names. The “National” part was for when the Sixers were known as the Syracuse Nationals. I created this site once I decided to expand my Sixers writing. National Sixers lived in between the Liberty Ballers days and the The Sixer Sense days. This is my baby and, quite honestly, if I leave Sports Talk Philly, I’ll probably dust that site off and get back to work. In fact, National Sixers was the first blog I ever made.