Failure. At first, I thought it meant the end. But, just because I failed as a good big brother doesn’t mean I stop being a person. Here are three ways I see myself being able to redeem myself.

3. Still be a friend

A sister or brother is more than a friend. My non biological sister is my sister. She’s not a really good friend. She’s my sister. I had to explain this to her. I see a difference. The opposite can be true. I may not be a brother; but, perhaps, I can be a good friend to my biological sister.

2. Help find an appropriate successor

I dropped the ball, but my sisters still need a brother figure in their lives. I could help in finding the right man for the job. You see it all of the time. Someone gets fired or steps down from office and, plenty of times, someone is promoted to that vacant role. So, if I have a say in that matter, I’ll be sure to find someone who won’t harm my parents’ daughters.

1. Mentor other brothers

I have this cousin. He’s my first cousin. We’re about 21 years apart. Last summer, he got himself a little sister. In the past few times I’ve seen him, I’ve talked to him about what it means to be a big brother. His job. His passion. I loved my job. I really did. I f’d it up. But, man, in my prime, I was on top of my game. I couldn’t be stopped. I feel like, even though I messed up, I can still teach the next generation to be good brothers. Better brothers. Ultimate brothers.

If you hurt your sibling, it’s not the end for you to still make a positive impact. There’s always a way. It’s not as ideal as what you wish you had, but it’s something.