This s the third time I am sharing some random facts about me that you may not even know. Check out the first one. Check out the second one. I do things in nipples (I have 3) so this may be the last one I post.

1. My top love language is Quality Time

If you’re the kind of person that takes quizzes for fun, then you may be interested to know that in a series of love language quizzes I took, I generally got quality time as my top language. Second place is acts of service. I enjoy being around people that I like and, it usually doesn’t matter what we do; as long as we’re together. To be honest, there’s no way I could survive a long distance relationship. From actual experience; it’s very difficult for me.

2. Never had an Android or iPhone

The only smartphone I have ever had was a Windows Phone. I’m on my 3rd one now and I’ve enjoyed the journey. Yeah…………yeah. The rest of my family of course is iPhone vs Android. They don’t generally try to pull me to either side, which is interesting. But yeah, I don’t have intentions of switching unless there’s nothing else left.

3. I tend to be loyal to a brand

For example, I have Old Spice deodorant, body wash, and body spray of the same scent. Another example is I only use Air Wick. For cleaning, I use Gain and Lysol. Expand. I only shop at former places of employment (I’ve worked in retail for a while). I am Xbox; not Playstation. Shucks, I got an HP tablet and laptop, and would love to get a phone too (they have a Windows Phone out, ya know)!

4. I love walking and running

Alright, people that know me have already seen this. The thing is, I run and walk for a reason nobody knows why. And that, is where you’ll learn more about me. The reason why I love running and walking is simple: I don’t want…and/or can’t stay still. I just need to be in motion. A steady, constant, motion.

5. I played kickball on a broken ankle

I did. I did. Many years ago, as a teenager, I broke my ankle. I got my cast and everything. My mom even had a cast signing party which I honestly thought was a joke. A big joke. Like, do people really do this? Anyway, I was at my Boy Scout meeting and they were playing kickball. I don’t remember how I convinced them (the boys and the adult leaders) to let me play, but I did. No, I actually did not run. I mean, if the cast wasn’t so up on my knee where it forced me to walk with a limp, I probably would have gone for that. No, all I did was kick the ball. The funny part about it was that I had some really good kicks because the cast straightened my ankle and then the cast itself made contact with the ball so my kicks went straight and long. Oh, and sine I didn’t run, another member of my team ran for me. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories. Probably a top ten. Maybe I should make a list of favorite childhood memories.

6. When it comes to clothing, a combination of red, black, white, and gray is my preference

I really like any combination of those colors. You could also add in blue. But, yeah, I wear those colors. Also, my book bags, lunch bags, and any other carrying type of thing is also of those colors. My coats and even hats and gloves also tend to follow that color scheme. Phone cases, ear buds, and other mobile accessories are of those colors. It’s funny; I mentioned earlier I worked in retail. Two places I worked, the uniform was either red or black, which fits perfectly with my choice of attire colors. I just……….it’s cool. I’m not sure when this started and why I like them, but I do.

7. I don’t believe in being a role model

I didn’t have a role model growing up. There was no one or a few that I looked at and said “ya know, I really like this about him/her. I wanna take that for my life” or something like that. I also don’t see myself as one. I just don’t. Especially, if you don’t know me personally. If you don’t know someone personally, I think it’s very foolish to call them a model for you. That’s why I think looking up to celebrities is one of the most stupid things you can do, straight up. Because then, all of a sudden, it’s a “scandal” that Bob said something considered racist. How can you be upset at seeing a side of someone when you thought the one side you saw was all there was to it and never knew this person as a whole? What? Don’t look up to me if you don’t know me. I do and say things because I want to; not because I’m trying to set an example. Who am I to turn myself into something, knowing fully that I will never get a 100% approval? So, just be you and be happy that you are honest and people know what you’re about.

8. I don’t like eating around people

I just……..I don’t know what it is. In my previous posts like this one, I have talked about my struggle with food. I don’t like food. I just don’t. But, for some reason, I don’t want people to see me eat anything. I’m not a fan of going out to eat. I am somewhat comfortable watching you eat though. Sure? But, I rather eat and you not know it. Of course, because I do such a good job, people accuse me of not eating. Oh, no, I eat. I eat plenty. Just not around you. I don’t know why, but it feels awkward and uncomfortable.

9. Allergies are a big issue for me

When it comes to me, it’s almost scary how far I’ve come. I have indoor allergies. I have outdoor allergies. I also have food allergies. I’m on the table to be allergic to all foods except for meat and dairy. One of my sisters is actually allergic to dairy (allergic; not intolerant. Like, if she eats ice cream, she can swell up just like someone eating peanuts). But yeah, I have apparent problems with my favorite fruit of all time: apples. Included issues are trouble breathing, burning gums, and what I’d escribe as an “internal itch” like the inside of my stomach is itchy and can’t be scratched. Terrible. Plenty of other foods like that too for me. I mean, yeah, I hate food, but maybe it’s because it could kill me at any moment. Is there a subconscious fear that’s preventing me from eating? My word.

10. I can’t seem to sleep for more than 6 hours straight

No matter how tired I am when I go to sleep, I will wake up within six hours later. In fact, I can wake up within 6 hours and go right back to sleep. Like, my body purposefully wakes up, even though it doesn’t want to do anything. Usually, all I need is just several hours of sleep anyway. But, there’s like some sort of timer on my body that refuses to go past 6 hours. I don’t know why this is, but I’m sick of it. TV is off. Wake up. TV on. Wake up. Alarm. Wake up. No alarm. Wake up. Eat a midnight snack. Wake up. Don’t eat a midnight snack. Wake up. No matter what I do, I don’t pass 6 hours of sleep in a row. It just hasn’t happened in my quarter of a century and I would imagine it won’t in the next quarter.