Five possible ways this blog will end

Everything has to come to an end. Here, I list some scenarios I see as possible that would mean no new posts. No particular order of likelihood:

1. WordPress ceases function

This blog is tied to WordPress. If WP fails, this blog is finished. Now, of course, I can always move my material to another service and continue my work somewhere else, but I’m really grateful for WP and, out of the free blogging services, this was the winner for me when I first started blogging.

2. I decide blogging isn’t for me

Reasons why I would stop blogging need a post for itself. But, regardless of the reason, I could one day decide I’m out of the blogging game for good and shut this thing down. Eh, I don’t see me walking away from blogging any time soon. But, it’s always possible.

3. I die

I mean…do I really need to explain this one. As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I have a scheduled post for my birthday. If it publishes, that means I died at some point. If I die close to my birthday, it’s possible I’ll have some posts scheduled past my birthday and then they would show up after my farewell post.

4. I am physically unable to maintain it

A step below dying is being in a place where I simply cannot blog. I lose my hands in a tragic accident. Alright, but there is plenty of voice to text software out there. I’m not a smoker, but you can imagine me losing my voice in that same tragic accident. This seems the most unlikely out of all of these scenarios, but it’s always possible.

5. I build a better blog

I’ve said before that I want this blog to be my final writing project (online at least). If I stop blogging and writing, I want the final thing I publish to be from here. However, as time goes on, there may come a point where I end up somewhere where I can build a better version of  blog. Sort of like starting from scratch. Really, if those blog goes away because of another blog, that new blog is likely a better version of this one.

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