Dante’s Optimism Newsletter coming soon; Other updates

Hey, so, as the title would suggest, I got some exciting news. I’m building a newsletter for this blog. This is part of a new push to get this blog out there.

Fun fact: I actually build a mobile app for this blog years ago, but I never got it out there for financial reasons. For the record, it’s a goal of mine to get the Dante’s Optimism App out there.

Anyway, this newsletter is of course inspired by this blog. My initial plan is to bring it to you monthly. This is because I don’t know exactly how much time I’ll need to execute this. I have considered weekly and bi-weekly. I do NOT want to spam your inbox, so nothing daily (plus I don’t know if I could maintain a daily newsletter). I also don’t want to go bi-monthly or longer. So, it’s likely it will be monthly.

I already know the core content:

  • Testimonies
  • Good/Positive news of the month
  • Positive quotes
  • Scripture
  • Recap of the month in general and my thoughts

Name of the newsletter? I was thinking about “Dante’s Optimism Newsletter”. Yeah, just…yeah. I don’t think I need to get fancy with the name. My goal is the first of each month. Once the newsletter is ready to go, I will tell you and give you a chance to signup.

Speaking of signup; it’s going to be free. As time goes on, if there seems to be a serious demand for this newsletter, then I will likely charge. Just another little stream of income for me. But, for now, I want to see how this does.

The newsletter will contain exclusive content that doesn’t appear on this blog as well.

The newsletter was almost a podcast, honestly. I was on the verge of beginning the process of recording when I stumbled upon the newsletter concept and I was like “duh”. If anything, that’s probably what this blog should’ve been.

Right, there are other updates for you.

When I am done with Daily Good Stuff, I will introduce a new series that will reflect the blog’s main mission (the tagline). The name of the feature will be similar to the blog’s name. If anything, it might be a rename of Daily Good Stuff and likely to be weekly. So, Tuesday Testimony and this new feature. I may launch this new feature with the newsletter.

Also, all followers of this blog are now known as “The Optimists” You are an optimist if you are following this blog. The newsletter also will mention this. So, throughout the site and in future posts, when I say…well, like Stan Lee calls people “True Believers” so yeah, that’s the idea. If you don’t know who Stan Lee is…um…that’s another post for another day.

So, when does the newsletter drop? Honestly, I might be able to send it by May, but I will give myself June. The newsletter is supposed to give people a taste of this blog, so you may or may not need to follow it. As you saw on my content list, there will be some things exclusive to the newsletter. Followers of the newsletter will be considered followers of this blog, for obvious reasons.

I want to thank you for following this blog. Some of you just joined and some of you have been here since day…um…well, not since day one. Actually, it took me a long time before I got my first follower to the blog. Now this is slightly awkward. Thanks for following! I really hope you enjoy the newsletter should you subscribe.


4 thoughts on “Dante’s Optimism Newsletter coming soon; Other updates

  1. Yeah! Sounds like a good idea 🙂 I’ve been toying with the idea myself & have some new content ideas but it does take a lot to keep something like that up.

    I will definitely sign up for your newsletter & keep you posted about mine.


    “An Optimist”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah it does take some work to do a newsletter. Like I said, I was thinking about weekly or even bi-weekly but when I started making drafts I was like “nah, I’ll do it monthly” and just make sure I put in some good stuff. Seems like monthly is the perfect balance.

      Yes, yes, you have to tell me about your newsletter. That’s the rule. You must. I must know so I can get hype about checking my email. Thanks for the support!


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