How to sign-up for the Dante’s Optimism Newsletter

I mentioned some time last week that this blog was going to get a newsletter. I am making it myself with the help of MailChimp. Yes, I wanted to plug them. No, I’m not told to nor am I receiving compensation from them for mentioning them.

So, right, you want to find out how to sign-up for the newsletter. Just follow these steps. I went through these steps and signed up with another email account I have so I am telling you what I saw.

  1. You want to press this link (you can press it now if you want; it opens in another window/tab)
  2. A form will appear asking for your email, first, and last name. You only need to enter email address. You can enter your name if you want; my subject lines for the newsletters address you by name.
  3. Then, after you submit your info to subscribe to the list, the next thing that shows up is something confirming that you’re human (I guess I wouldn’t mind robots reading the newsletter). I do hope you select the checkmark to confirm you’re not a robot.
  4. Then, it will ask you to confirm your email. So, go to your inbox (it could take a few minutes for the confirmation email to show up; also, check the spam)
  5. That’s it. You are now subscribed to the newsletter.

Whether a follower of this blog or the blog’s newsletter, you are a follower of this and are, indeed, an “Optimist”.

Also, I did a test on a web browser as well as on my smartphone. They flow the same way (as I figured; but I wanted to be sure). Well, they did for me.

I may or may not create a pop-up to ask new readers to become Optimists but, for one thing, I don’t like my experience interrupted, especially on a smaller screen like my phone. Another thing is; I really need to see how it looks. I think for WordPress, this would appear at the top of the blog. We will see. It’s cookie based so, if you don’t clear your cookies, you’ll only see the thing once. So, I’m glad it doesn’t constantly harass people. I don’t know yet, but I wanted to tell you instead of you getting surprised.

I said June would be the launch. That may or may not change. I’m making a lot more progress on my first issue so May could be the jump. If I go for May, I will let you know no later than a week before May so you can sign-up and/or brace yourselves. It’s also possible I send a special issue for early subscribers and wait for June for the usual. Aaaahhh, now ain’t that an idea?

Lastly, a page will appear on the blog containing these steps. So, if a friend of yours wants to sign up, just a simple link to the page will do. Also, it’ll be easier for people to see it vs being buried under older posts (although I could pin this but…nah).


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