Optimistic News: New but old series

Let’s try this again. Another weekly news feature. Shake my head.

  • No, really, first I had Weekly News, which was the first featured post ever on this blog.
  • Then, I did “Good News Friday” Lord. I called myself playing on the “Good Friday” theme by putting “News” inside. Okay.
  • Then, I knew things were bad when I launched “Fearless Friday”.

I’ve done it daily too.

  • Daily Good Stuff had, among other things, positive stories in the early strong days of the series.
  • I did Daily Good News, which was essentially a spin-off of Daily Good Stuff. Nobody liked reading that. Nobody. My goodness.
  • It was sort of part of the “Daily Positive” series where, each day, I would post some random positive thing whether news, quotes, or whatever.

So, like I said, HERE WE GO AGAIN. But, I think this time I got it.

So, the only real difference between the other weekly news stuff is the title. It’s lining up with the blog’s name (it’s a better look for uniformity).

I spent a great deal of time choosing the name. I did “positive” and “good” news in the past because that’s usually what people look for. If you do a typical search online, you’ll notice “optimistic news” really doesn’t do as well as “good news” or “positive news”.

So then, why did I go with the least popular? Why put myself at risk to not get as many views as possible? There are potential reasons.

For one, I simply love the word “optimism” and the variations like “optimist” and “optimistic”. I really do. When I renamed this blog, I just really…optimism really spoke to me. So, I had to go with it. And, as I really promote the word in these recent days, I really have come to know that I truly care about that word. It’s a word that isn’t used often, but it’s really better than the synonyms you’ll find. One word that usually replaces it is “hope”. Like, “I hope it works out” vs “I’m optimistic it’ll work out”. But, you don’t really hear that second sentence, do you? Exactly.

Another reason why I named this feature the way I did was to build a uniform look with the blog’s name. It may not have been a big deal, but I thought it was needed. So, there you go.

As for losing out on potential views, I actually don’t think I will. I couldn’t tell you why I feel this way. I just do. Maybe it’s because I don’t care. Like, I will write about what I want to write about and be at peace with how it all looks. I’m not really in the mood to change things up. I love this word and I’m sticking to it. I could be optimistic that the views will come. But, I’m not. If they come, great. If not, fine.

Each week, I’ll share a couple of stories that will hopefully help us feel better or…more optimistic about things. What’s that saying: Restore faith in humanity.

If you also paid attention to the way I am building my newsletter, then you also picked up how similar the content is to this new feature.

So, as you can see, I am unifying the blog and the newsletter in some ways. I am also trying to really focus and hone in on a particular style of blogging for this blog. Really, I’m doing a lot more focus on the “Optimism” part. I have to let other things go from this blog that don’t directly line up with pure optimism.

As for the day I will post the news…hm…my original news thing posted on Saturdays (or was it Fridays?). Eventually I moved to Fridays. I did some daily stuff. You already saw my mini rant at the start of the post. Now, I have Tuesday Testimony, which really seems to draw the most reaction, I’ve noticed but that’s not what this post is about. Heavens.

No, okay so I will launch this on Mondays. Well, either Mondays or Sundays. The idea is to start the week off with that mindset. Just like, with the newsletter, I want the month to start off right. See that? They work together nicely.

So, I hope you enjoy the Optimistic News, my Optimists. Let’s make sure to remember that there is good going on in this world, despite what you hear or don’t hear. Let’s try to remain optimistic about things, as hard as it may be. This blog is my expression of optimism. What’s yours?


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