I caught this from Sunny Skyz.

So, there’s this doctor who has been feeding 500 elderly people for the past 10 years. He doesn’t charge anything. Here’s a snippet of how it started:

“One of my patients was an old fellow, he must have been around 78. He showed up at my door, all helpless. He wife was chronically ill and couldn’t do anything on her own. This couple was old, poor without even 10 rupees to buy a vada pao. He said he needed food, it moved me and that is when I decided that I want to feed the needy elderly for nothing in return”
His name is Uday Modi, and he does accept donations to help fund his operation, which he calls “Sharavan Tiffin Service”. I like to think maybe one day he’ll be able to expand and help feed other hungry people. But, ya know what? I love his future plans for his service and I really hope it comes forth.