Make sure you sign up for the newsletter!

Dante’s Optimism is launching a monthly newsletter starting June 1st (and it goes first of each month). If you haven’t already, you should go ahead and sign up. I’ll be posting reminders during the next couple of weeks. Visit my page dedicated to explaining what it’s about as well as how to sign up. It’s a simple process.

The June newsletter is essentially done. I’m just waiting for June to roll around while making some tweaks. I plan on the appearance of the newsletter to remain the same (set up a template and just use it over and over). Currently, I’m playing around with the look to see what can be improved and what should be taken away.

Again, the newsletter and blog will each contain exclusive content you wouldn’t see in the other place. So, I mean, it would add to your experience if you sign up, but, you don’t HAVE to. It’ll always be free. If I want to charge people for a newsletter, it’ll be a different one, so don’t worry about something randomly happening…I don’t even think I could…eh, whatever.

I’m also considering producing a humor based newsletter, but let’s see how this one does.

Thanks for the support, kittens!


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