Optimist’s Challenge. What is it?

Well, as you should know by now, followers of this blog are Optimists. So now, this blog’s mission is to bring a positive spin to the world. You, as my fellow optimists like myself, can do something too. That’s what these challenges are all about. I’m going to challenge you and me to do better. Be better.

This particular challenge is an approach to life. I am calling us to be more kind, honest, and respectful to people.

Be kind to others. A smile. Holding the door. Letting someone into the lane on the street.

Be honest. Not necessarily brutally honest, but, take a dive and be more honest about how you feel about something. Let’s see if we can stop the white lies. Hmmmm!

Be respectful. Oh boy. People won’t see you eye to eye on everything. Nobody will. Our job is to respect that point of view. Not to bash (or be unkind) because of it. Race. Religion. Culture. Respect that. It doesn’t mean you agree with it.

You want the world to be a better place? Start with yourself. Take on this challenge.