Blog Cleanup Complete

To date, Dante’s Optimism (formerly known as Dante’s Opinion and DALANEL), has produced over 1400 posts. Well, I decided that I want the posts that are published to better reflect this blog’s mission. This meant unpublishing over 400 posts. They are not deleted.

Instead, for a lot of these posts, they will find new homes in other blogs I have (but took down).

There are a few more tweaks I need to make, but most of the damage is done. This was an easy decision, quite honestly. I did this move, knowing fully that I was going to lose viewership. A lot of the posts I took down are some top ranking views (and even likes) in the blog’s history. But, ya know what, I want this blog to be what it’s named for. Some of the posts on here didn’t reflect that.

In the near future, I will announce where the other posts are going. I’ll be bringing back some old projects so I can still write those kinds of posts from time to time. My focus currently is getting the next newsletter ready so by July I might move on to those old projects.


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