The Optimistic Report: Anti-Bullying Technique

This week’s report contains a good brother, anti-bullying, and an artist taking London by storm.

A male model decided he wanted to make his sister’s birthday special. So, he gave her her own photo shoot. Chris has an older sister who also has down syndrome. She had always wanted to do what her little brother did. So, that’s what he gave her.

It’s a really touching story, honestly. I have a lot of respect for his reasoning behind it. I always wanted to be that way to my sisters. I sure failed, but boy I’m happy he could do his job and do it well.


Next, we have an option to fight bullying. However, our guy says it’s not bullying. Instead, it’s “dominance behavior”. Anyway, he demonstrates in the video how to take the joy and fun away from the bully while building yourself in the process.

Um, I have to admit…the video didn’t seem as authentic as I had hoped. But, I do believe the idea.


Lastly, we have an artist who is painting London in color. She’s tired of the old gloomy gray skies. There are a lot of photos of her work in the article. I suggest you take a look.

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