Daily Good Stuff 274: Unexpectantly Funny GIFs

These GIFs are funny, but you don’t see it coming until the end. It’s unexpectantly funny.

This first one would explain why I’m still a virgin:

That’s a shame and also not too far from a true story. But I’m optimistic! Right?

I used to run track, but I ended up quitting. I was never a fat kid, but I wonder what life would be like:

That’s…what? Did she win?

You ever try doing some stuff in the water? Like, oh, I don’ t know…something like this:

I think someone died…?

Yeah, I don’t know how to describe this next one and I did not see this coming:

Okay, let’s see if we can break this down. Did he have a chair under him? It looks like he did. Just watch the top of the screen and you see it looks like a chair or something he’s sitting on. Okay, so what is the first guy think he’s doing? This whole thing is so abstract. I still can’t tell if this is real. Like, is this a real thing? A prank gone wrong? So many questions.

This last one may not be funny to some, but this shocked me to no end. Like, I had absolutely no idea it would go down like this:

Hey, the person coming in the door was already enough to make some people think it was unexpected. But, it’s when she bursts into flames when I lost my mind. Sure, the candles are in view and while she’s falling you sort of can guess it’ll hurt. But, you didn’t really expect to see the flames on her like that. What a ride.

Which one of these fails surprised you the most? Even though that last one was crazy, I am still stumped by the santa one. I can’t get over that one.


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