The Best Year of Dante’s Optimism

This might make me sad, but I want to talk about the blog’s best year, in terms of views.

That year, was 2015. It barely beat out 2014. Ever since 2015, each year has gotten a LOT worse for the blog’s performance even as my love for it grows. For instance, 2016 saw 2015’s views drop by more than half. And 2017 dropped even more.

So, what’s the deal with 2015, and why did things drop?

Well, and I’ve said this before, 2016 was a terrible year and things didn’t improve in 2017 and I simply wasn’t blogging much. I wasn’t. If you don’t blog, they won’t come. The people won’t come.

I’ve had something publish every day this month, and I’m a quarter of the way to breaking the views from last year. The site is active and views are back. So, was there anything special about 2015? I don’t know. But, let’s find out.

By the way, 2018 hasn’t gotten any better for me, but I’m choosing to push through it.

Anyway, I decided to see what I published in 2015 that helped it grab people’s attention.

Hm…okay…okay so nothing I wrote that year got significant views. This must be the beginning of the slide in performance. I noticed I started focusing on the positive news and stuff like that and I started to leave humor behind. So, Daily Good Stuff (and usual) and a few other funny stuff take over the top ten views.

However, two posts in that top ten stand out. Both of these would be considered testimonies. Hm. There’s a Tuesday Testimony which has actually been one of the best posts of all time. There is also a personal testimony of mine that got a lot of views. Neither were written in 2015, though.

Tuesday Testimony has been a successful feature for this blog, and it does tie into the blog’s theme so I should probably consider making that a standard here. Perhaps I would share my testimonies as they come, but I haven’t had a life victory since 2015 so I have nothing to write about.

In fact, I’m starting to think that my lack of blogging in the past two years is why the blog’s numbers dropped so much. Again, I’m blogging a lot more this year and the views are on pace to pass last year before June.

My emotional health is the primary reason why I haven’t had the strength to carry on my mission to be optimistic. Maybe there was nothing special about 2015. Maybe it’s what happened afterwords.

I have a new daily feature, as I mentioned before. I wonder if that will help things. And I will now also consider bringing in testimonies. A new title? Maybe, maybe not. I really wish it was different though. Like, I’d love for my viewers to submit their own testimonies here.

I have some thinking about before I take that next step.

Now I want to hear from you

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