The Worst Year of Dante’s Optimism

I mean, you saw this coming. We’ll talk about the worst year in terms of views for this blog. We’ll exclude 2018, for obvious reasons.

No, I have to admit, I thought 2011 would be the worst year. That was when I first started my blogging journey. I had no idea what I was doing. But, in 2012, things went downhill as I didn’t even get half of the views from the year prior.

2012 was, indeed, the worst year. And I have no idea why.

Still, 2011 and 2012 combined didn’t get me 1,000 views. Christ. I mean, c’mon, dude. 2018 already has more views than those two years combined. And 2018 is trying to avoid being the third worst view year. Like, dang!

Right, so what happened in 2012? No, I didn’t think the world was going to end so I gave up on living. That’s not what happened. The posts I had were not organized. I still didn’t have a fully stable blogging identity. This was in the days of DALANEL. The very early days. In fact, I think this was a transition year from Dante’s Opinion to DALANEL. I also became an author and spent a great deal of time writing and working on that blasted book. I also started a church ministry. So, you could say I had my hands full that year and didn’t dedicate a lot of time blogging.

That’s probably why there was barely any activity and the blog suffered. It’s like how 2015 was a great year, but then 2016-17 sucked. I wasn’t blogging much.

That’s probably the moral of the story. Blog. Stay active. If you drop production too much, the views stop. It is very simple, but it’s so complicated. 2013 I exploded onto the scene and 2014-15 was the peak. Then I stopped blogging and poof! No more views.

But, I gotta say, those random posts back then were crazy. Like, I really had no theme or anything. Yeah, I was using the same tagline of bringing a positive spin on the world. But, only until last year did I realize what that specific spin was. I was just getting through experiments and stuff, trying to find my niche.

I found it, and I’m optimistic about it sticking around. Ha!


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