Three Mistakes I’ve Made With This Blog

We all f up at some point. I’ll tell you how bad it was managing this blog.

1. Not having a plan

I started this blog without a real plan for it. I didn’t even know how to describe it. I remember one time this guy asked me “what do you do?” and I was all excited when I said “I write on my blog” and he’s like, “cool, what do you write about?”


See, back then it was Dante’s Opinion. So, everything I wrote about was centered around my opinion. So, I felt like some sort of self righteous, arrogant, stereotypical blogger dude when I said “I write about my opinion on stuff. It’s called Dante’s Opinion so it’s my opinion on whatever topics”

Yuck. I didn’t even have like, a genre to express my opinion on. I was ready to talk about anything. Sports. Politics (idiot). Culture. All of that and more. I just jumped in without really thinking about it all.

When you compare it to what you see today, you realize what I’m saying. Like, today there’s a blog and I got sexy logos and a newsletter and all of these things. There’s research involved with the name of the blog and “optimism” and all of that. Like, there was ACTUAL PLANNING going on. Building a strategy and stuff like that. Having a vision and sticking with it. Those previous years was me gradually coming to the realization of what I wanted to do with this space.

2. Not writing a book about this blog

I’ve said it many times that writing Interpretations & Illustrations was a tragic mistake. It killed a lot of momentum this blog had in my personal circles. Nobody cared about the blog. They only cared about the book.

A post tucked away in this blog’s history (I’m serious; I don’t remember where it is) shows an image of a project I was considering: A book showcasing the best of this blog’s work. It was called “The Best of DALANEL” and this was my chance to let people know how sexy the blog was, in a form they would embrace. It’s technically not too late to do that with Dante’s Optimism, but I have a feeling I need to make that book testimony themed, and I can’t do that yet. I’m still in a dark place in my life so it can’t be done.

3. Not networking the blog enough

It’s one thing to personally or professionally network. It’s something else when you’re pushing your brand. I generally push Dante Writes more than this specific blog because I have been blogging on other websites so I wanted to focus on an umbrella identity. What I have been leaning towards is leaving the space entirely and becoming a one trick blogging pony for Dante’s Optimism.

From there, anyone that follows me and people that I interact with would primarily see this blog. I doubt I would drop Dante Writes (when I retire, it would be Dante Wrote. Cool!). But yeah, I want to shift my networking to this project here more than others. My social media bios and stuff should prioritize this blog more than any other writing stuff I do.

Now I want to hear from you

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