Why this blog is just so darn awesome

I’ve made some mistakes, as I mentioned yesterday. However, there have been some awesome moments this blog has seen. This blog itself is awesome.

For one thing, how many blogs have you seen that matches this theme? That’s what I thought. Nothin’, baby! Look, this blog is its own. It’s not better or worse. It’s different. Your blog is different. That’s how it should be. Don’t go copying off of others. Be your own brand. Your own style. Embrace that.

I think another reason why this blog is awesome is that, while I’ve always said I wouldn’t put up ads on this site, I’ve gotten offers for posting different stuff since I have a certain amount of followers and views and such. So, that’s really cool. I really don’t see myself profiting off of this site’s content. I’ve made money doing writing at other places so it’s cool.

This blog is fantastic because of you. The people following this sexy thang is what it’s all about. Fact is, without the Optimists, there’s no optimism. You all are really something else.

One of the things I’ve really thought about with this blog is how much it impacts people. People who know me and have read my content say how much it means to them. I like that, it’s cool.

Tying in the upcoming vlog and the strong newsletter, and I think I got something special here on multiple platforms. It’s a diverse blog, in my opinion. It’s trying to go beyond a “blog”. I want to reach various types of people. Videos, pictures, and text. We all react to something different. So, that’s another reason why this is something special.

I can’t wait to see where I take it because I don’t generally know until it happens and then I’m caught off guard.

Now I want to hear from you

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