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Dante’s Opinion

Now, this page is a flashback to Dante’s Optimism’s old days when it was known as Dante’s Opinion. This page is for you to ask me about anything. What I need you to do is email me but let’s talk a little bit. Come, sit down. Would you like some tea? *pours you a lovely cup of hot tea*. Are you comfortable? Great.

This is a place to send in a question(s) for a Dante’s Opinion posts. I normally go to sites like Yahoo! Answers but I also answer questions that you, my readers, may ask. As the requests come, I will post daily.  I’ll let you know when I plan on posting the answer to your question(s).

Understand that this isn’t “Ask Abby”. I’m not here to give advice. It’s my opinion. That’s why it’s simply called “Dante’s Opinion”. Anyway, the email is dalanel@aol.com

Look forward to hearing…reading…from you…?

-Dante Writes

Now I want to hear from you

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