Daily Good Stuff 268: Be healed


Everybody has a purpose…

Everybody has a purpose…but…what is it?

Usually, we like to think it’s of some higher calling. Some grand accomplishment. This is true. When God made us…even before we were in the womb, He had great things planned for us.

However, as we live our lives, we end up doing things that go against this plan. At some point, we can mess up in such a way, that the original intentions of your birth are simply gone.

This is true. For instance, once you go to jail, there are quite a few places…quite a few jobs you simply can’t hold. Having a criminal record is just a weight.

So then, some people believe they have no purpose. Just existing. Just being. Until the end comes. But, I happen to think that, even if you lose your original purpose. Even if the original plan is gone, you can still make an impact.

That’s what I came to realize recently. I see myself as not able to do what I was called to do. The original plan is lost. Some say “don’t give up”, but I say there are levels of success. There are Plan A’s and Plan B’s and so on. I think after a certain point, if you stray from your path enough times, Plan A just can’t happen. So, you go for Plan B. C. D. and however many more letters you need to go through.

Time is the reason for some of this too. If you expect to make it to your destination, but you take these wrong turns, you waste time. That time ain’t coming back. Now, you’ve got to accept the reality that, while you may get to where you need to be, you’re not going to get there when it was originally ordained.

But then, some people f up in such a way, where they just completely drop the ball. God wanted you to be an athlete, but you got drunk, went for a drive, and will never walk again. So, now that dream God had for you is gone.

This does not mean you are now worth nothing. This does not mean your purpose is nothing. In fact, God can use people in many ways.

The reality that I don’t hear a lot from pastors and all of them is that you can, in fact, lose your original purpose. But, you are never useless.

You end up falling into the “this is what happens when you don’t do the right thing”. This is a real testimony, my friends. You can become a mentor to people. Show them what happens when you don’t follow God’s plan. Show them what happens when you decide to drink and drive and lose that scholarship to that great athletics program in that college. Let people know that, just because there is a plan made for you before time began, you are not invincible to consequences of foolishness.

What I have decided to do is to stop crying about what kind of failure I am. What I am now trying to do is make sure the next generation doesn’t f up too. That’s my new purpose I can still be useful. And so can you.

See, I made a terrible mistake as a big brother. I didn’t do my job and because of this, things have gotten out of hand. I deem myself a failure as being a good brother. It’s done. I look at this little cousin I have. He’s 4 years old and welcomed a little sister this past summer. I’m just a few years older than one of my sisters. I’ve been where he is. Being the only kid and then somebody else shows up.

I tell him when I see him what his job is. He’s to protect, love, support, and be his little sister’s best friend. That’s his job. I failed. But now, I can show this young grasshopper the ways of being the ultimate brother. Pass on my experience to him. Make sure he doesn’t f up like I did.

Just because you made a mistake and no longer may be able to continue your journey does not mean God won’t use you for something else. Keep in mind I am talking about one scenario here. I’m not saying one mistake means it’s over. Each situation is different. But, like in my examples of being in jail or ending up with a disability from recklessness, things can change and you may simply never be able to recover. But, don’t just stop right there.

Keep Shining

Keep shining. It’s not a new phrase, obviously. But, from a spiritual standpoint, it’s something to look into.

Matthew 5:16. What does it say? Let your light so shine before men so that they may see your good works and honor your Father in heaven.

That’s easy. But, do we understand its meaning? What is this light?

I’m going to attempt to break that down.

The light is the Holy Spirit, in my opinion. Obviously, you have to understand why I think it’s the Holy Spirit.

When we accept Jesus into our lives, we accept His Spirit. As the Holy Spirit comes in us, we are alive. We have new life. We receive the fruits and gifts of this spirit.

Before we accept Jesus, we must imagine ourselves as candles. We are not lit. We are candles with a dry, cold, wick. Lifeless. Stiff. A corpse.

Okay, let’s pause here and go back to the Bible. When the Holy Spirit first came, a large group of people were waiting for His arrival. The disciples and a bunch of others spent time praying and praying for this “comforter” as Jesus called it, to come. When the Holy Spirit finally came, He came in like a rushing wind. One of the things people noticed about each other was that there was a fire on top of their heads. It was like they could see small flame. Yes, Acts 2:3 says this.


So, back to the candle. Before the Holy Spirit arrives, we are not lit. We have no fire. No light. Only by when the Holy Spirit comes upon and in you, do you receive this fire.

So, let’s say you have the Holy Spirit. You are now lit. And so, back to what Jesus was saying: Let your light so shine…

Hm. He wants it to shine. You know, He also made a statement about how useless a light is if it’s hidden. Makes sense. If you’re walking in the night, and you can’t see, but you have a lamp that’s covered…does that make sense? Why stumble in the dark when you have a lamp? In the end, you might as well just sit the lamp down and leave it. What good is it?

The world is dark. Very dark. The fact that it is dark makes Jesus’ words so powerful. When we enter a dark room, one of the first things we attempt to do is turn on the lights. That’s what God did in Genesis 1:3. The world was a dark place. He turned on the lights before He went to work.

So, why do we not care for the darkness? Darkness can cause confusion. You can’t see. You’re disoriented. Darkness can cause fear. You can’t see any potential dangers. You stub your toe on the chair that shouldn’t be there. In the movies, horror thrives off of dark and unknown. Countless Bible verses connect darkness to evil while light is good.

The unsaved are looking for a light. A real light. Truth. As we become a light…

Hold on. Remember the candle example? So, a lot of times you’ll notice that when it comes time to light multiple candles, usually, we light one and then, we use that one candle the light the other candles. It’s interesting because all of these lights or flames come from that one original source.

It’s the same with the spirit. The Holy Spirit is the original flame. As Jesus says it: No one comes to the Father except through Me. No one can receive this fire except through Me.

So, the Holy Spirit gives His fire…His light to us. We now have the same fire that He has. We have the same light.

Once again, we look back to Matthew 5:16. As we get this light, we have a choice. We can hoard the light for ourselves…never to share it…or we can shine brightly, so that the blind can see. So that darkness and evil can be cast out.

Our command is to let it shine, so that others may see this light and honor our Father. It makes a little more sense now, right? Our light is the light of the Holy Spirit, who is God. So, when people see this light,they are seeing God, through us..

That’s why it’s important to live the godly life. We are the light. As people look at our light, they are supposedly seeing God. Are we to put God in a negative light? What is the quality of our light?

The idea of being bold applies here. Let this light shine. Brightly. Let’s not be ashamed of it. We have…we are…a holy light.

Being a lighting designer puts me in an interesting position. I deal with light on many levels, and have quite an appreciation for it from a spiritual level to a physical lever. From the literal, to the metaphorical.

As a leader of a ministry, it’s my job to ensure that there is a clear biblical foundation. I use Genesis 1:3 as the crew Bible verse. But, Matthew 5:16 is a verse I use as motivation. Not only do we light, but we are a light.

I end all of my emails to my crew members with “Keep shining”. It’s something to remind them of their job. They are to keep shining. Again, being a lighting designer or technician that is part of a ministry is a very powerful thing.

That’s what all Christians need to remind themselves of: Keep shining. The winds of the world will attempt to put out our candle’s flame, but we gotta keep shining. People will persecute us, yet we keep shining.

Also, don’t assume that others will shine. You be the light as if you’re the only one.

I remember a time when I was with the Boy Scouts. I was new. I noticed that a fellow member of my church was there too. It was a comfort because he was somebody I could relate to from a Christian standpoint. Yet, he spoke the same way the other guys did. He acted the same way the rest of the boys did.

Me? Well, the rest of the scouts would sometimes ask why I never cussed, among other things. My answer: That’s not my style. It wasn’t who I was. What I started to learn was that you have to take responsibility for your light. Just because you know someone else in the situation to be a Christian does not mean you can take a break and not have to shine as brightly. He may need the light just as much as the rest.

Lastly, make sure you light others. Remember the candle example. A candle can light another candle. That’s why you have to be a Christian to minister. You can’t give something that you don’t have.

So yeah, spread your light. What’s that saying: A candle doesn’t lose its fire by lighting others.

Isn’t that something? You don’t lose anything by spreading your light. Your light doesn’t die. So, spread, spread, spread! And if your light is ever dimming, as all candle lights do, then be sure to go back to the source. This source never dies out. It shines as strong as the first time it was lit. But it was always lit. The flame never started and it will never end.

You know what you have to do.

Keep shining.

Why We Should Love Others

This post originated at my now shutdown blog, Christian Interpretations.

I’m going to share a couple of verses to you explaining why it is important to love others.

But first, some of my thoughts. Love is more of a verb than a feeling to me. You must make the choice to love someone. That “feeling” is often paired with hormones and such. You don’t always feel like loving your friend when he gets on your nerves.

Ha, God definitely chooses to love us. As much as we mess up? If he felt like loving, we’d be dead by now. He chooses to love us despite our mistakes. He loved us so much he decided to send His only Son to save us all. So, now that we know about love, let’s talk about it.

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Women Are Beautiful

As a guy…a straight guy…I look at the women of this world. And the following words are from the mind of a guy. This is such a simple post with an interesting ending.

Women. Ladies. Girls.

You are beautiful.

You need to know that. Especially in this country, you’re only beautiful if you fit a size 8 dress…and you’re only valued if you show more of your body. You have to wear this type of clothes. Perhaps even smell a certain way (I’m kind of a freak because I do sniff people from time to time. I need help). But I feel like that’s not fair.

For one reason, there is so much more to a woman than just her figure. I will be honest, thinner women are more attractive to me than…larger. But, make no mistake, a woman’s figure only plays a part in what makes a woman beautiful. Some say how personality isn’t important. It is to me. Even in my list for what I look for in my future wife, personality traits appeared while figure made no appearance.

Besides, when we’re become old, all of our bodies will start looking…rough…

I love a woman because she’s caring. She’s strong. She’s funny. She’s smart. A woman with any of these characteristics and more positive attributes are what make a woman beautiful as well as her body.

Some women are blessed with beauty in different areas. Her voice. Her encouraging words. Her body.

Ladies, I want you to know that you are beautiful. You are. You are in your own way. Don’t let the media…the world tell you what real beauty is. God made you beautiful the way He wanted to. You may not believe this, and that’s fine with me. It’s hard for guys to approach certain women because an honest compliment can turn into something nasty because you apparently can’t be as beautiful as that person said you are.

But you are. You really are. So smile, dang it! Take a compliment. Not everybody is trying to get in your pants.

I’m doing a lot of talking here but I’m about to do something that could be crazy. I’m in the process of making these business cards. They read: “Smile! You’re beautiful!” That’s it. And I intend on giving them to random strangers of all ages. Well, maybe not kids as that could get me in some trouble. So I guess 18+ women are all eligible. There’s so much beauty. Some obvious and some not so obvious. Some need to know it while others already know how beautiful they are.

So if you are in my neck of woods, don’t be surprised if I hand you the card and then walk away. Just smile. Because you’re beautiful.


You Will Be Healed

A quick word for you, children of God: You will be healed. At some point, you receive the healing that God has promised.

Welp, the key is where.

On earth, we pray for healing for various diseases. And God heals. Sometimes we see people laying hands on others and they are healed. Just a few months ago, there was a healing pastor that came to visit and laid hands on many. Folks using the canes and wheel chairs were dancing. Blind could see. Cancer died. I already mentioned how I got my supernatural healing. I’m a believer.

But, sometimes when we pray for healing and the person dies anyway, we wonder why God didn’t heal that person.

And that’s what the post is about.

As a child of God, we are indeed promised healing. Jesus died for all sickness and disease. But she still died. Guess what? Because she accepted Jesus into her life, she’s going to heaven where she will be completely healed. When Jesus comes back, everybody will receive a new body. A body that will have no pain. No sickness.

The message here is that you will be healed, no matter what happens. In the end, you will be healed. It hurts now. It can be hard to understand now. But this is the truth: We will be healed.

That’s all I got for you but it’s enough. Children of God will be healed.