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Dante’s Optimism’s Potential

This blog has some nice potential in terms of what kinds of media forms it can take. Let’s take a look at what I am doing and what I can do. Also, these are ideas you can take for your project.


Well, that’s obvious. You’re reading this now, and this is a blog. On a blog, you can do quite a bit of content. Besides the normal text, you can also do video and/or images. I’ll talk about video in this list. This is my favorite form of media. My favorite style of writing.

Digital Newsletter

I just started doing this in 2017. So far, I really enjoy the challenge of a monthly newsletter. I say digital, because I indeed would rather do it online than print, especially since doing it digitally didn’t cost me anything. That’s where a lot of print newspapers are heading towards. Well, the ones that are trying to survive.


I almost did a podcast for the blog before deciding on the newsletter. I do have recording tools as I had been working on an audio book so the option to do a podcast is still alive and it’s still heavily on my mind. I may do it one day. I would need to figure out how to make it engaging.


What in the world is a vlog? It’s a blog, but for video. V-Blog. Vlog. Anyway, my YouTube channel sort of is a representation of my vlogging. I produce videos on my lighting projects and such. So, the question, can a vlog work for this blog’s content? An optimistic vlog? Just like with the podcast, I’d have to really make it special, visually.

Social Media

Well, this is an interesting one. On one hand, I’m on social media. On the other hand, Dante’s Optimism doesn’t have its own designated social media platform. It’s under the “Dante Writes” umbrella. What if you extended the blog, newsletter, podcast, or vlog with social media? What if you replaced those with social media? Take Instagram. You can easily run a video and picture blog right there. This is the least likely to happen in my case, however. I am of the opinion that I should continue to push the Dante Writes agenda and brand.

Mobile App

A potentially quicker way for followers to get your content? That’s a mobile app. Making an app isn’t simple, especially if you’re not all that great with coding and stuff. But, it can really be a great addition to your brand. I think it would go nicely with my blog. I did make an app for it in the past. Maybe I should try that again.

Those are ways I can grow my blog. Yet, some of these methods fits your blogging style better than mine. There probably won’t be a vlog for this and I likely won’t give this blog its own social media presence. If you’re thinking about expanding the empire, these are some areas…common areas, to look into.

Blog Cleanup Complete

Blog Cleanup Complete

To date, Dante’s Optimism (formerly known as Dante’s Opinion and DALANEL), has produced over 1400 posts. Well, I decided that I want the posts that are published to better reflect this blog’s mission. This meant unpublishing over 400 posts. They are not deleted.

Instead, for a lot of these posts, they will find new homes in other blogs I have (but took down).

There are a few more tweaks I need to make, but most of the damage is done. This was an easy decision, quite honestly. I did this move, knowing fully that I was going to lose viewership. A lot of the posts I took down are some top ranking views (and even likes) in the blog’s history. But, ya know what, I want this blog to be what it’s named for. Some of the posts on here didn’t reflect that.

In the near future, I will announce where the other posts are going. I’ll be bringing back some old projects so I can still write those kinds of posts from time to time. My focus currently is getting the next newsletter ready so by July I might move on to those old projects.

Thanks to those who have signed up for Optimist’s Digest!

Thanks to those who have signed up for Optimist’s Digest!

As the blog’s newsletter’s debut draws near, I’ve noticed multiple folks that have signed up for it. I wanted to dedicate this post to you. For all of the people who sign up before the debut, I will add you to a second list that will contain…”special content” just to show my appreciation for you jumping in without actually knowing how things would play out.

The monthly newsletter starts June 1st and is scheduled for the 1st of each month. Want to sign up? Hit this link.

I want to say, yet again, thank you, thank you, thank you for signing up for this thing.

You know, especially if you’re a fellow WordPress user with a blog (or 4), that people who directly subscribe/follow your blog seem to be…for me, personally, I hold those followers in higher regard. So, for those of you that get the posts via email, or in your WordPress reader feed, or now this newsletter, I want to thank you. Folks on Twitter, Facebook, and the rest are there by extension, but could be connected to me for other reasons. So, I really appreciate what I have now.

I’m looking forward to molding this blog into something even better and having you along for the riiiiiiide!

Make sure you sign up for the newsletter!

Dante’s Optimism is launching a monthly newsletter starting June 1st (and it goes first of each month). If you haven’t already, you should go ahead and sign up. I’ll be posting reminders during the next couple of weeks. Visit my page dedicated to explaining what it’s about as well as how to sign up. It’s a simple process.

The June newsletter is essentially done. I’m just waiting for June to roll around while making some tweaks. I plan on the appearance of the newsletter to remain the same (set up a template and just use it over and over). Currently, I’m playing around with the look to see what can be improved and what should be taken away.

Again, the newsletter and blog will each contain exclusive content you wouldn’t see in the other place. So, I mean, it would add to your experience if you sign up, but, you don’t HAVE to. It’ll always be free. If I want to charge people for a newsletter, it’ll be a different one, so don’t worry about something randomly happening…I don’t even think I could…eh, whatever.

I’m also considering producing a humor based newsletter, but let’s see how this one does.

Thanks for the support, kittens!

Why is this blog named Dante’s Optimism?

Whenever I name something, it’s because the name or word means something. For example, a nickname for one of my sisters is of a breed of dog. I saw the personality and traits of this dog and my sister came to mind. Add in the fact that she loves animals, and it was a perfect fit.

I mean…there is a risk here. Clearly, we know a female dog is a bitch, but, ya know…I would never call her that…

But anyway, when I was looking for a new name for this blog, I wanted something that reflected what this blog was about. So, I got my thesaurus out and went hunting. “Positive” “Good” “Hope” and other words were considered. And then, I ran into “Optimism”.

Being optimistic is tough in today’s world. But, I think every generation says that, honestly. But, when we think of that word, what does it mean? Optimism:

  1. 1 : A doctrine that this world is the best possible world

  2. 2 : An inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome

Alright. So, when I say “Dante’s Optimism”, that’s what I’m talking about. I didn’t pick this name because it sounded fancy or sophisticated. I didn’t pick this because other people were using this word and I wanted to get on the bandwagon. No, I knew what I wanted for this blog, and optimism fit the bill perfectly.

It’s my optimism, though. This is how I feel. So, I put my name on it. This is what optimism looks like to me. In the near future, I will be making under the hood changes to the blog to promote this. When I’m done with Daily Good Stuff, I’ll be moving on to another type of featured post that will really dive into this optimistic goal.

Be optimistic.

What is your optimism?

You know, this blog is called “Dante’s Optimism”. Recently, I was thinking: What does that really mean? It means, this is my take…or my way of expressing my “optimism”.

Of course, this means you have your own optimism. You’re optimistic about things, right? You gotta be. Something has to get you out of bed. So, what I want to do is launch a new series that is completely made by you, my Optimists. I want you to tell me what you’re optimistic about. What is your optimism?

How will this work? Well, you can comment on this post (or the page dedicated to collecting feedback). I want a story, but it doesn’t have to be. Just a few sentences is fine. Speak how you want to speak. Say it how you want to say it. This blog is my way of saying it. You might have a video. Poem. Dance.

Anyway, let me know. Then, I will publish them. I will do it either here or the newsletter (I’m leaning towards the newsletter). The post will be titled something like this: “Mary’s Optimism”. I’ll figure out the people with the same name but, you know, it’s perfect. It’s yours. That’s your viewpoint. You can share it with your close ones. I also like this idea of people reading these views and feeling inspired.

It’s sort of like the Tuesday Testimony feature, right?

So, since this feature is run when I get feedback, I have to wait on you. If the Optimists speak up, we can get this started. Again, I’m leaning towards making it a newsletter exclusive, but it might depend on how much optimism I get. If it’s enough to do something weekly, then it’ll be on the blog. If it’s not a lot, then it’s a newsletter posting.

Huh, I think I just figured out something. My blog will contain weekly material and the newsletter would contain monthly material. I can do that. So, to get the full experience, you would need to be linked to both. Ha! Sorry; I want people on this newsletter. Those of you that have been reading this blog know I rarely push things like this.

But, anyway, share your optimism today!